March 10, 2021

Motherhood has taught me bouncebackability – Viv Obinna

Motherhood has taught me bouncebackability – Viv Obinna

Viv Obinna is a John Maxwell Certified Coach, Speaker, and Trainer. She’s also a Stay-at-Home Mom (SAHM) Wellness Coach, Motherhood and Lifestyle Trainer, and an Intentional Parenting Advocate.

She was a high flying banker by profession until she made the decision to become a full-time housewife (stay-at-home mom). Now she helps other women to discover their full potentials while raising well-grounded children as full-time stay-at-home moms like herself.

Like every other SAHM mom, it all starts with a day’s decision. For some, it begins immediately after their wedding while some others are forced into the position due to loss of a job, some others decide to remain at home after maternity leave is over.
Unlike most cases, a few women go as far as quitting their jobs just to become full-time stay-at-home moms. This was the case for Mrs. Viv Obinna.

You may begin to wonder why anyone would quit their job – jobs that so many are hunting tooth and nail to acquire. Yet someone gave it up to become a full-time mom.

According to Mrs. Viv Obinna, it was on the 30th of November 2007 that her ‘’stay at home mom’’ journey officially started.

“I can’t say if it had been lingering in my mind or not but out of the blue, I decided to quit my high-flying job as a banker to start my family.

Many people have asked me why I did that and the truth is that I just wanted to build the best family I could have.” This was Mrs. Viv speaking. I rocked my job as a banker and I knew that I would definitely rock my job as a housewife.

How resilient can a mother be when it comes to caring for her family?
Contrary to popular opinion that men want their wives to be most useful in the kitchen and “other rooms,” some husbands like Mrs. Viv’s are usually shocked at the decision of their wives to assume full-time stay-at-home mom responsibilities.
When asked what her husband’s reaction was to her decision, Mrs. Viv said “Oh my!

He was shocked, to say the least… He didn’t see it coming in any way. I wasn’t doing badly at work neither did I hate my job. So, I understood his reaction; even I would’ve been shocked at myself if I were in his shoes.”

This is the case for many families today.
But what does it mean to be a stay-at-home mom in 2021?

A stay-at-home mom is a married woman who stays at home all day to take care of her children and manage her home while her partner works to financially provide for the family.

In simpler terms, a stay-at-home mom is a Full Time Housewife.

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To most people, the first thing that crosses the mind when they hear stay at home mom is a lazy housewife or a sleeping mother.

This is hilarious but worthy of attention because most people still don’t understand the reality of what being a stay-at-home mom means.

To help you understand the underappreciated roles of stay-at-home moms, here are some major roles and responsibilities covered by most SAHM mothers:
● Family and Child Care
● House Chores
● Remote Working for financial support
● Financial management
● Etc.

As a stay-at-home mom (SAHM), you may want to start describing yourself as a superpower mother and wife.

Because, it is only the passion for self-realization and intentional parenting rooted in the belief that ‘the home should be the first most important investment of every parent’ and with this in mind, it is safe to say that every parent must be self-aware and intentional about parenting.

On the other hand, whether a stay-at-home mom can become a president is something to consider. As funny as it may seem, it may not be far in the future before we see such a scenario.

Imagine a president giving a presidential speech on national television from home with her baby in hand.

This would be a lovely sight to behold but I guess you never imagined it. However, the possibility of this happening only exists in the future.

Never say never. If covid19 has taught us anything, it is that we live in a world that can adapt to change very quickly.

And with the advent of remote work and advanced communication technologies that have become necessary due to the pandemic, having a stay-at-home mom as president may be closer than we imagine.
There you have it.

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