The need for automation in every sphere of life, both personal and professional, has been growing by the day. Here’s Cohen Branden Chorabik, the expert in the field, talking about the role of automation and e-commerce in shaping the future. Let’s delve.

Cohen starts with how automation has taken over the mundane tasks and is relieving humans of them so that they can make more time for business. There are many elements of e-commerce getting automated. But, the core of it surrounds this one idea – to customize, customize and customize! E-commerce businesses are customizing their product and service offerings to make the process of purchase convenient and comfortable for their customers.

The importance of automation in enabling and enhancing customization of products and services is obvious and crucial. In fact, it is becoming one of the most essential components of the e-commerce market. Moreover, product customization is one of the fastest growing technology trends for the e-commerce business as well.

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While product customization makes a customer’s purchase convenient, it also has the potential to do away with the hassles of online purchase. Besides, it panders to the needs and expectations of today’s buyer. Cohen explains, “Automation is playing a pivotal role to customize product and service offerings. For instance, YouTube has a recommended video playlist. This is determined on the basis of the user’s behavior. In this way, YouTube uses automation to customize their services for their customers by aligning with their usage patterns.”

Many diverse and different types of businesses around the planet are using automation to better their output and attract and impress their customers. From the choice of entertainment, clothes, and gadgets to eateries, product customization has become more than a trend. It’s defining the lifestyle of future.

Cohen lists the various things an e-commerce business can achieve through automation:

  • It decreases the level of RTO as well as shipping costs for the seller
  • Automation boosts accuracy of delivery
  • It keeps a track of one’s orders, including whether they are risky (or fragile) or not
  • All of this eventually makes the customer happy and satisfied

Automation in e-commerce, Cohen shares, is something that is loved by the last-mile providers too. Meaning, it helps various departments like logistics and operations to scale up and at the same time save time and money while increasing the leads. “So something (automation and e-commerce) which is making the lives of people so much easier has to pave the way for the life of the future,” signs off Cohen.


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