March 24, 2021

Abegautos is a household name — Apai Godday

Abegautos is a household name — Apai Godday
Apai Godday

Apai Godday Lucky, popularly known as Black70, in this interview shares his experience venturing in into business and how far he has come. He is currently the CEO of Abeg Multilinks World Limited – a global franchise with hybrid companies such as AbegMusic, AbegAutos, and AbegHousing.

Who is Apai Godday Lucky?
Apai Godday Lucky is a businessman that started off with blogging music but has now expanded into other areas of business to create value. I obtained a BSc. Degree in Business Administration from the prestigous University of Lagos before setting out on my entrepreneurial journey. I am 31 years old, from Edo State and I believe I am a great inspiration to young business owners and youths across the country as I have continued to record mainstream success whilst operating privately.

Tell us about your business
Before launching Abeg Multilinks two years ago, I hosted a music blog by the name AbegMusic, which later developed into a full music company, offering entertainment services such as music recording, artistes management, Music PR, rebranding of artistes, offline and online artiste promotion, Album and EP projects, and lots more. My love for cars further motivated me to venture into buying and selling of cars, an operation which now runs under the sister-firm – AbegAutos.

Abegautos Apai Godday

What makes your company successful?
We invest a lot of commitment into customer satisfaction, which is a big part of why we’ve been successful. Knowing what people want and giving them in the way they want it is key. Creating an awesome service is great but what’s equally, if not more important, is putting together a phenomenal team to help bring one’s vision to life and keep it going. I am proud to have assembled a team of staff that’s on point and one that’s pulling in the same direction as me. I have about 10 staff and as we look towards expansion, I plan to increase them.

What separates your company from other competitors?
I think I’ve done a great job of building a culture based on innovation. As the owner of Abeg Multilinks, it’s my responsibility to create a working environment that highlights the importance of teamwork, collaboration and client satisfaction. It’s about being relentless and enveloping yourself in creating the best service that you can. Anyone can be a CEO, but standing out requires being completely maniacal about providing value to people’s lives. It’s about putting the needs of your clients ahead of your own and steering the ship in the right direction that produces the absolute best service.

How was it like when you started out?
It was quite tough you know, but sheer resilience enabled me pull through. When I came to Lagos, I started as a gateman, and then I worked as a cleaner for 5 years before I started my music blog, because I love music so much. Think of what you love and use it to create income for yourself.

What advice do you have for aspiring entrepreneurs?
Wait for nobody; create something for yourself.

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