Banking on blockchain technology’s incredible attributes, Tingo Mobile PLC has introduced blockchain into its system to manage subscribers’ data in an immutable form.

Because of its decentralised nature, blockchain technology stores encrypted and hashed authenticated data, which is immutable, and any changes or mistakes can be traced to the source of the alteration.

Commenting on Tingo Mobile’s decision to move its subscriber base to blockchain technology, Dozy Mmobuosi, Tingo International Holdings Group CEO, said that the new system would allow for real-time determination of whether a subscriber is a Tingo Mobile customer coming from third-party applications or channels.

Real-time authentication is possible because of a persistence layer in the system designed to store information about a subscriber and link it with subscription transactions originating from the blockchain. An application programming interface (API) layer is present to retrieve and update information from Tingo Mobile subscriber’s smart contract.

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The system will also allow Tingo Mobile to share its subscribers’ data across its applications and enterprises to improve efficiency, functionality, interface, and options. According to Mmobuosi, all these are geared towards creating better user experiences for subscribers on the Tingo Mobile network.

The decentralised makeup of blockchain will allow Tingo Mobile to avoid all the problems associated with a centralised system: security, privacy, and control over the sharing of users’ data.

“We address all these issues by implementing a new platform for subscribers’ data management using distributed ledgers and smart contracts, relying on authentication and data-sharing policies encoded in smart contracts,” Mmobuosi affirmed.

Part of Tingo Mobile’s effort to provide efficient services to its subscribers, according to Mmobuosi, is the use of smart contracts on a blockchain technology which will ensure the security of subscribers’ data among others.

Other use cases of smart contracts for Tingo Mobile include subscriber authentication and verification, detection and traceability of fraud, know your customer (KYC) compliance, subscriber identity verification, identity security, and anti-money laundering tracking system.

For Tingo Mobile, efficient service delivery is to ensure the telecommunication company’s dominance in all its markets.

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