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Remembering Hannah Arit Ejuwa

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By Gab Ejuwa

Those  we hold most dear  never  truly leave us, they live on in the kindness they showed,the comfort they shared and the love they brought into our lives.’’ —IsabelNorton

How timeflies!!

Just like yesterday!!

It’s exactly 365 days now that  my  Friend, Bestie, Comforter, Sunshine, Dearest, Soulmate,Sweetheart, Counsellor, Adviser, Treasure, Precious,   Gold, Diamond, Jewel, Darling and One in a Million Wife – HANNAH ARIT EJUWA – left us for the great beyond.

On February11, 2020.

Indeed, my heart is still heavy and full of sorrow; the pain is unbearable while the woundis still open.

Han, how could I ever forget you? Your presence  was  a never-ending delight ; your good  deeds will forever remain  indelible  in my heart. I remember  those  good  old  day  sand our perfect bonding. We shared  a  lot of things in common! Yes, O!! Such a  person like you is rare. No one can ever replace you. Your untimely and sudden death mean much to me as it left a big vacuum in my heart and life.

Han, howcould I ever forget you, when everything reminds me of you? I love you. Han, I still love you! I have  not  stopped loving you. And, I will  not  stop loving you. Each time I sit up, memories of your love kept crowding in on me!

How can I forget you when everything reminds me  of  you? You were a wonderful person to be remembered always. You brought  joy into  my life. I thank you for all you did to  my life. You   were my pillar of strength. My life pillar. I vividly remember  how you  led me to know Jesus Christ, our Lord and Saviour. You made me know that there is God, and there are gods. The gods that have  mouths, but cannot   talk; have eyes, but cannot see; have ears, but cannot hear; of whose hands and legs  are paralysed and are deaf and dumb. You made  me  know  that  the  one and only God  is JEHOVAH!!! Jehovah Jireh! Jehovah  Rapha! Jehovah Elohim! Jehovah El-Shaddai!

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Han, you  are always in my heart. You left too soon. I never  thought I was going  to  lose  you this soon!

Each evening, my mind could not accept the fact that you were gone, hoping somehow, that one day you would come back from work, and shout ‘’Gabo, honey, I love you;  which  food  should I prepare for you?

I have cried  and cried  and  cried  over and  over  because there’s  no  one who can ever  take your place.

What a life!

Hans, thatyou are gone is like a candle in the whirlwind; it  is  still a mirage. You  always  say you  were not going to leave me; that we are forever! Now I have  to go through life alone. Alone without you is emptiness and void. Like a match  stick without  its  box! Naked! How could I  burn  without  you?

Oh, death where  is  thy sting? If nobody had ever told you, you’re most wicked  and  callous! Why did you  snatch  away my soulmate? Anyway, who  are  we  to  question  Jehovah God? Only  He  knows  why! He  alone  knows  best, why He  decided to take you out of this sinful world  for you to  be with  him  in  Eternity.

Hans, no  day passes without the loving thoughts of you! I sit and contemplate many things. You were a vibrant prayer warrior, very hospitable. Always  ready to help  those  who came to you for  assistance; you  could  almost give your  eyes  to   please  people. You  very  much believed  in  the  Biblical  saying, that, ‘’It  is  more blessed to give than to receive.’’ You are the best wife  in  the universe!  Awife  like you  is really  hard to find.

You’re a kind-hearted woman!   It is no overstatement t o  declare  that  you are the best woman any man could desire! You were a precious gift from God, somuch beauty, love and patience, very pleasant,  loving  and characteristically courageous. I appreciate your care and  devotion. You touched my heart in  so  many  ways; your  strength and smileeven on dark days made me realise I had an Angel beside me. You encouraged  me when I was down. I remember on such occasions, you would lovingly say, ‘’Gabo, cheer up.’’   For the rest of my sojourn  here on Earth, you’ld have a Special place in my heart! I miss you dearly!

Continue to rest in the bosom of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ until the Resurrection Day when we shall meet to part no more.

‘’Sleep  on, beloved, sleep and take thy rest…

Lay down thy head up on thy  Saviour’s  breast…

We  love thee well, but  Jesus love thee  best…

Good night! Good night!! Good night!!!!

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