February 1, 2021

Meet Faith Omoniye Lesley, an Inspiration to Nigerian Female Generation

Meet Faith Omoniye Lesley, an Inspiration to Nigerian Female Generation

Founder, Faomoly Global Concept LTD, Miss Omoniye lesley faith , is on her way to building a business empire. Already, her company is the toast of customers far and near, seeking fast, convenient and cost-effective experience of her work.

Miss Omoniye lesley faith, is a passionate young female welder from Bayelsa State. She graduated from the University of Education Port harcourt, where she studied Linguistics. During her NYSC she worked as a manager at Regrod Jose Concept company 2011 – 2012 where she gain the motivation to established her own company called FAOMOLY GLOBAL CONCEPT LTD in 2013.

Omoniye lesley faith is set to exchange and also focused on developing entrepreneurial and enhancing their skills.

FAITH is an industrious woman, she promotes other small scale business , visiting the orphanage’s at yearly basis by assisting them with funds, food, cloths and many more.

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Faomoly Concept are into building finishing, installing stainless hand rail ,Italian wrought iron for staircase and balcony…widow protector and tank stand etc.

At a time when many ladies freely sleep with men for money and blame their action on the government and unemployment, a young lady is living her life differently.

As a role model for other young ladies.Miss Omoniye Faith who studied Linguistics from the University of Education port harcourt has been receiving goodwill massages from the General public.

Faith Omoniye will be holding A entrepreneurship Program for young Women in Bayelsa State as she is set to mentor some of them.

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