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The title of this article is opposed to the popular belief that God is in control of everything that goes on in this world and might offend many, especially the classical Christians but that is the position of Jesus Christ.

Before we proceed, it’d be pertinent to mention the grounds on which the testimony of Jesus Christ (he’s the faithful witness) is better and preferred to that of everyone else since Jesus Christ is the sole authority on which this article is based.

This is so that readers don’t waste time quoting one Jeremiah, David, Isaiah or Paul whose teachings are contrary to those of Christ. Such contrary (contrary to Christ) teachings abound in the Bible but we are sternly warned by both of God and Christ to only listen to Christ.

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Perhaps, I mention also that the keynote of my faith in Christ is the nature of his words or claims which no one in history has been able to refute just as no one ever made such claims as Christ made and proved by undeniable miracles.

In Matt 11:27, Christ declares that he is the only one who knows God and that whosoever would know God must do so by listening to him (Christ). What else could be more profound than that?

While rendering the beatitudes, Christ cancelled (Matt 5:21-48) some doctrines (referred to as old wine) in the Bible which were given by the prophets of old and replaced them with his own doctrines which he also described as new wine but many people are stuck with the old wine in spite of a new and better wine, to the detriment of their souls.

Lk 5:37-39 contains the doctrine of new wine which is Christ whereas the old wine represents the prophets and their teachings. This dichotomy between the prophets and Christ was established by Christ himself and he also warned us from attempting to combine the two opposing doctrines because the result of that attempt is the ruin of the person who tries to unify two unrelated and immiscible ideologies. It’s like attempting to unify light and darkness.

In Mark 9:1-8, Jesus Christ took some of his disciples up the mountain in order to show them the kingdom of God (what happened there revealed the kingdom of God to them and to us).

On that mountain, Moses and Elijah appeared but they also disappeared before God spoke from heaven declaring Jesus Christ his beloved son unto whom we must listen. Remember, Moses represents the law while Elijah, the prophets but both of them faded away leaving only Jesus Christ shining with the brilliance of the sun.

That incident underscores the primacy of Jesus Christ over everyone else who came or would come to us in the name of the God. Once we hear a thing from Christ, no further argumentation or quoting of opposing scriptures is required. Jesus is the finality of God’s authority.

If in Matt 12:42, Christ declares that he’s greater than Solomon who was the wisest man that lived according to scriptures, no doctrine of Christ should still be subject to further scrutiny or argumentation by a wise seeker of God’s kingdom. Now, lets go to the crux!

In Mark 4:26-29, Christ used the parable of a growing seed to illustrate how God deals with the world. The farmer plants the seeds and goes away but the seed germinates and grows automatically, without the interference or assistance of the farmer. This farmer is not part of the growth mechanism, in fact, he doesn’t know how it happens!!! He only shows up when the fruits are ready for harvest.

This farmer is God and the farm (the seeds and trees) is humanity. Just like the parable of the tenants, the farmer who planted vineyard and rented it to pastors is God – Matt 21:33-46. So, this farmer (God) plants the seeds or creates the world of the living and non-living things, physical and spiritual, visible and invisible, etc., and gives them the freedom to interact whichever way they elect but the nature of their interactions would determine their eternal destiny. Although everything else is interacting, God’s interest is in the trees or seeds which are human beings. He (God) is not part of the growth or performance of the seed and doesn’t even know the mechanism thereof because he doesn’t interfere in man’s affairs unless he is invited. He only shows up at the end of one’s life for judgment.

This means that whatever happens on earth is either due to nature (caused by forces of gravity, Motion, etc.), man, animals, the devil, or God.

When it’s God, he must have been invited into that situation or circumstance by somebody or a group of people, else, he won’t get involved. He’s there in heaven waiting for us to call on him but most times we don’t; all we do is lament after we had suffered all manner of losses.

Sometimes, he looks for someone to partner in prayer and accomplishes something on earth but he doesn’t find any and he wonders!!! Isa 41:28, 59:16. The Lord’s prayer (actually, the disciple’s prayer) tells us that God is in heaven, not on earth even though he’s unlimited and that we’d have to pray for his will to be done on earth because if we don’t, his will won’t be done on earth.

Why? His kingdom doesn’t include this world. His kingdom is in heaven and that’s why no prayer is required for his will to be done in heaven. The earth is on a term lease to the devil (Matt4:8-11) and it’s the will of the devil that’s done on earth on daily basis. The will of God is done in the lives of his children on earth who call on him day and night.

The spirit of a person is the God part of him which we call conscience that warns him from evil but most times we don’t listen. So, God made man and totally equipped him for righteousness if he chooses to be righteous. Whether we end in hell or heaven is our cup of tea, God is not involved and could not be blamed for our choices and their consequences.

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Lk 12:13-115 makes it unmistakably clear that God is not involved (and wouldn’t be involved even if we ask him to) in the certain activities that go on in this world. Politics, for instance, is evil because it seeks to control the lives of people as well as the resources on earth, an agenda that is completely under the control of the devil (Matt4:8-11).

So, God is not involved in the politics of any country whatsoever and any prayer made in that regard is a waste of time. If you call on God regarding what’s in his will like childbearing, he will answer you favorably but if, out of ignorance, you seek to drag him into areas outside his kingdom like politics, etc., you might get a rebuke, that answer you want (the idol of your heart) or just silence.

Things like political activities, earthquakes, diseases and epidemics, road accidents, wars, etc. are directly determined and controlled by the devil whose only work is to steal, kill and destroy but a child of God could easily call on God and overthrow the plans of the devil and save souls.

A critical look at the world and the fact that things are in a fantastic mess, upside down, especially with children having to die of cancer and from all manner of violence, and the very fact that its evil people that are in charge of all the sectors of human endeavor reveals that it’s the devil that’s in charge of this world.

God’s kingdom is where he’s in charge and that place is heaven, not the world. When Satan’s term lease expires, every form of disobedience will end and both the kingdom of God and of this world (or of the devil) will merge so that only the will of God is done everywhere.

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