January 21, 2021

Tina Odjaghian’s Extraordinary Path to Success

Tina Odjaghian’s Extraordinary Path to Success

Tina Odjaghian is a force to be reckoned with. As an entrepreneur and litigation attorney, Tina runs a boutique law firm that specializes in the complex mechanisms of brain injury, particularly those that occur in the workplace.

In light of her success, you might never have known of the humble beginnings that Tina comes from. Nevertheless, her hard-working spirit shines through in every aspect of her career.

“I immigrated to this country in ‘86 at the age of 10 with my parents, my little brother, and one suitcase thinking we were on a vacation,” Tina says of her family’s obligatory move to the United States. Born and raised in Armenia, her family fled the country after learning that her five-year-old brother was at risk of being drafted into the army.

“We lived in my aunt’s basement in an all-American town, where we were literally the only brown kids in school. English was my fourth language and I didn’t even know what cursive writing was.”

This move was not easy on Tina’s family. Her father worked overseas for the next two decades and her mother worked 7 days a week, often 16-hour days to make ends meet. Tina explains, “When we weren’t at the flower shop past midnight, helping mom fill orders on weekends and holidays, my ten year old self and my five year old brother would take an hour walk home from school, and fend for ourselves until Mom got home. Keep in mind, there were no cell phones back then.”

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She adds, “As difficult as those times were, and they were, I am so blessed and grateful that my parents made the sacrifices they made for my brother and I to have a chance at the American dream.”

It is an opportunity that Tina has certainly taken hold of. Her firm – Odjaghian Law Group – has been featured by Super Lawyers Magazine and by the Daily Journal Top Verdicts for consistently obtaining record-breaking results for catastrophically injured clients and providing quality legal representation for brain injury survivors.

Her practice is continuously recognized for securing some of the largest settlements in the field of workers’ compensation. Behind it all, Tina is motivated by her family, her desire to help others, and the potential to leave a legacy.

“Being a first generation child in my family to grow up in the United States, I was seeking a better life for myself and my children so that they would not have to struggle like I did. Since getting into this profession, it has turned into something more rewarding than money, and that is making a difference and making a significant impact in people’s lives after tragedy, while at the same time, being able to provide for my family and their future and to leave a legacy for my children.”

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