Nursing mother’s breast not developed to produce milk for baby

Child-mother to rely on infant formula till breasts develop, produce milk —doctors

Child-mother’s mom also nursing a 3-month-old baby

By Faith Maji

MANY days after Katsina schoolgirl, who was impregnated by her teacher, gave birth to a bouncing baby boy, the mother is unable to breastfeed the baby due to lack of milk.

The 12-year-old child-mother(name withheld), who was put in the family way by the vice-principal of the Community Secondary School, Kadandani in Rimi Local Government Area of the state, is yet to develop adequate breasts with milk for her baby, according to doctors’ reports.

The young and inexperienced mother, who was delivered of the baby, has been receiving medical attention at the Federal Medical Centre, Katsina, after the baby was delivered through a caesarean section by specialist doctors on January 18, 2021.

Unlike the joy that normally heralds the birth of a new baby, the entry of the baby into the mother’s family is something that provokes anger, despair and anxiety.

Neither her parents nor those of the man who impregnated her have what it takes to cater adequately for the mother and the child they never prayed for at this time. Her parents sent the girl to school to study but she brought back a baby in the middle of her schooling, a development that has left them wondering how to cope with the added responsibilities.

Things have not been looking up for her and her struggling parents who are now looking up to God for divine intervention. Four days after she was delivered of the baby, Arewa Voice correspondent visited her in the hospital and met her eating fried noodles with her baby lying by her side.

But there appeared to be a serious problem that engaged her immediate attention even though she tried to feign all was well. Her baby does not have food and her breasts are not yet developed to be able to produce milk for the baby.

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There was no sign that even after giving birth, her breasts would soon grow bigger in order to produce the right quantity of milk as other nursing mothers do. Her mother, Rabi Ibrahim, who is also nursing a three-month-old baby, lamented the fate that had befallen her and the daughter since the arrival of the baby by her first child.

Rabi told Arewa Voice: “My daughter was impregnated by the man who was supposed to be her teacher and we did not know that she was pregnant until she was about to be delivered of the baby. I’m really shocked.

“The evil teacher, Ibrahim, used money to lure my daughter into sleeping with him – sometimes with as little as N50 to N500 and telling her that she is her father’s namesake daughter and that he could not do her any evil. That was why we did not suspect any foul play between him and my daughter until he started abusing her sexually without our knowledge.

“We did not know what was going on because our daughter was afraid to report her exploitation by Ibrahim, the teacher, because he had warned her not to report his wicked advances to anyone.

“In fact, nobody understood what happened to her because she didn’t show any signs of pregnancy. We are shocked to see this kind of wickedness on this girl by the teacher, who already has three wives at home. She has not even developed breasts to be able to produce milk for the baby and we are really worried about this situation in which we have found ourselves. It is because of this setback that we sought the aid of doctors and nurses on how to feed the baby until she can produce breast milk.”

She, however, pleaded with public-spirited persons to come to the aid of the baby and her mother. On her part, the girl revealed that the teacher used to give her N50, N100 and sometimes N200 to lure her into his office and make love to her, while warning her sternly not to disclose his advances to anyone.

It is not clear yet when she will begin to develop breasts as a normal nursing mother and be able to produce milk to breastfeed her baby. But a consultant gynaecologist, Dr. Bola Kale, described the condition of the young mother as ‘unusual’, adding: “For one reason or the other there might be delay in production of breast milk. Some will start early for the first feeding but some may be delayed.

“Sometimes we may just recommend breast pump for some people to stimulate it because it is physiological effect. It differs from one person to another. It isn’t about her age; it’s just because probably nature may have delayed in producing breast milk.”

It will be recalled that the suspect, the Vice-Principal of the Kadandani Community School in Rimi Local Government Area of Katsina State, Ibrahim Tukur, had confessed to the police that he actually committed the act with the young girl.

“It is true I committed the crime. I have been having affairs with the girl for eight months now. I used to take her to my house and offer her the sum of N300 or N500; some other times, I would give her N200 to have sex with her. I also know now that the girl has put to bed a baby boy for me and I have three wives,” he said.

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