January 22, 2021

How Matthew Rosa battled against all odds to succeed

How Matthew Rosa battled against all odds to succeed

The network marketing industry has grown tremendously over the years. Also known as multi-level marketing, it is an industry that involves direct selling strategies using a network of people to sell products. It is an industry dominated by many young entrepreneurs.

Matthew Rosa is one of the young entrepreneurs who have stood out in this industry. And there is a lot to know about him, his business endeavors and struggles. Mr. Rosa has never thought of succeeding in entrepreneurship and his success story in network marketing is a fairy-tale.

Thanks to his partnership with Jason Brown, they rank among the top 10 highest annual income earners in the multi-level marketing industry. A feat only a few young entrepreneurs can only dream about.

Despite Matthew and Jason being new and inexperienced in the network marketing platform, what they have achieved is unimaginable. In fact, too many people, it is hard to believe how such young people can achieve such a feat within a couple of years.

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Rosa and Jason have been working part-time jobs to pursue their passion for full-time multi-level network marketing. Through ups and downs, they have established a partnership that has helped them grow. Matthew has attested that the income they were getting wasn’t enough, but the desire to succeed in this industry has always been there.

In 2015 they decided to make new strides and look for extra cash to pursue their passion. For Matthew Rosa, the journey was full of trials and tribulations. He had $25000 in credit card debt and he had to move back to his parent’s home. He went on and started delivering Chinese food and pizza to make cash among other hustles.

iMarketsLive (IML) was the opportunity they had passion in and they were ready to pursue it. They started by learning how to trade in the foreign exchange market without even building a network. After two months of learning, Mr. Rosa and Jason decided to take on leadership roles in the company.

Through determination, hard work and persistence, the key ingredients of the recipe of successful network marketers; reached a level called Chairman 8- earning a six-figure annual income. It took their patients to take the company to the next level and the company has grown to thousands of customers worldwide.

Luckily, they have been able to partner with prominent leaders in the network marketing industry. For instance, in 2016, they introduced EVP Alex Morton; a partnership with Brandon Boyd, Ivan Tapia, David Imonitie, Austin Godsey and Gary McSween among other industry giants.

Matthew Rosa and Jason Brown have gone on to take their company to more than 30 countries globally and iMarketsLive reputation is the talk of the industry. Their company ranks as the first-ever Chairman 250.

Matthew has a mantra of looking no further than going ahead and grow his business empire. Despite being someone who had few entrepreneurship or education options in his background, his determination and perseverance have seen him rank as a Chairman 500.

Coincidentally, from jumping between jobs and working from Massage Envy to Chipotle, Mr. Rosa is a reputed entrepreneur and human being working hard to change the world.

Matthew Rosa is eager to help everyone he and his company can reach no matter where they go. He looks forward to enriching, empowering and education millions of customers globally. He hopes to leave an impeccable legacy of success and leadership.

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