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Basketball is a quick-paced end –to-end sport that provides punters with an exciting opportunity of making a profit. In this article, we have given a detailed guide on people who want to know how to wager on basketball. We have provided several bet types that are important to basketball wagering.

Money line betting in basketball

Money line markets are the simplest and common market for a punter to understand the value of a wager. This type of basketball wagering is simply betting on a particular team to win a contest. For instance, consider the following teams below for Team A and Team B:

  • Team A: 3.440
  • Team B: 1.364

In this case, Team B (1.364) have a bigger possibility of winning against Team B (3.440) that is playing at their home ground. If the odds were in American style, it would be -275 and +244. If a player staked $10 on Team B, they would win $13.64 a figure that includes their $10 stake. If the other team won, they would win nothing and lose their $10 stake.

If Team A wins and a player stakes $10, they can expect a $34.40 win including the $10 stake earning them a $24.40 profit.

Handicap betting in basketball

Now that you know how to wager using a money line, wagering on the handicap might be a crucial tool if a particular team is highly backed to win against its opponents. In this type of betting, bookmakers provide a handicap with an aim of levelling the playing field. It helps counter the thought of biasness in ability.

The handicap sign is marked either with a – or + sign for instance +6.5 points. It is factored into the final score and is meant to determine the final score of the game for the bet’s purpose. Because of this, the handicap result might be different from the final result. Below is an example:

  • Team A: (+7.5) 2.050
  • Team B: (-7.5) 1.862

If Team B wins the match (102-98) bets on their handicap will lose. The reason for this is, with this handicap bet, the team starts the game at negative 7.5 points and players have to minus 7.5 points from the full time score. The outcome will therefore be (94.5-98) in Team A’s favor. If Team B won 106-98, the final handicap result would be 98.5-98 meaning Team B still wins. People call this covering the handicap. read the articles here.

Totals betting in basketball

Such type of betting is popularly referred to us Over/Under. Bettors are supposed to bet on the combined points in a match. They should predict if they will be under or over a set figure. An example between two teams is given below:

Over 200.5: 1.830

Under 200.5: 2.220

If a player wagers $10 on this match to be over 200.5 points and the result is 104-98 (an average total of 202 points) they would win $18.3 making an $8.3 profit. If they had backed on the under result, they would lose.

Final thoughts

We have only outlined the basic types of betting in basketball that will help players wager on basketball. However, there are more advanced forms that bettors can use to learn how to bet on basketball.


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