January 3, 2021

2023 Elections: Shekarau preaches balance, common sense

Ibrahim Shekarau, 2023 elections

Senator Ibrahim Shekarau’

Senator Ibrahim Shekarau

By Bashir Bello & Abdulmumin Murtala— KANO

Former Governor of Kano State, Senator Ibrahim Shekarau(Kano Central), said on Sunday that balance and common sense are the best approaches to choosing the country’s leaders in 2023 elections.

Senator Shekarau said this at a media parley in Kano on Sunday, noting that balancing takes into consideration the interest of every sector, ensuring justice is done.

He also said that in every state of the federation, there are many persons qualified to be presidential candidates. But that producing the President of Nigeria had never benefitted a community or state.

According to the senator, “There is the constitution of common sense. People have to reason. Let me give you a good example. The issue of six geopolitical zones is not written anywhere in the constitution of Nigeria.

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“But today in Nigeria there is nothing you will do without considering the zoning because people will say you are mad. But it is not there in the constitution, it is common sense and discussion.

“Let me give you another example. It is not written in the constitution either that if today I become a presidential candidate, my running mate must come from the South.

“But if today I become a presidential candidate and I announce that my running mate is from Bauchi, wouldn’t you say I am mad? But is not written anywhere. It is common sense that determines how people run their life.

“Because of this, I always believe the guiding principle is fairness and justice for all among all our diversities.

“There has to be balance. I always use the word balance the equation, maybe because I  am a Mathematics teacher.

“In balancing the equation you try to take interest of every sector not just one person. Make sure justice is done.

“My belief is that there is no one state in the entire states of Nigeria that you do not have hundreds of qualified presidential candidates.”

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Ibrahim Shekarau also spoke on ethno-religious biases: “There is no state in Nigeria today that you do not have hundreds of capable persons that can lead Nigeria.

“If you kill yourselves because it has to be your town’s man or it has to be your tribes man or it has to be your religion’s man, what value has that added to your life?

“Obasanjo was president, did that change the life of the Ogun State person? Jonathan was president, did that change the life of the Otuoke person?

“Now Buhari is President, did that change the life of the Katsina person? No! So why do we kill ourselves that it has to be my tribesman or religion?

“So all we are saying is who is it? Not where is he from. It is the responsibility of you and I to canvass for who is it and we look at antecedents,” Ibrahim Shekarau added.

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