December 17, 2020

Why we established British College in Akure

Why we established British College in Akure

Dayo Johnson – Akure

A British International College has been launched in Akure, capital city of Ondo State in Nigeria.

The British Transatlantic College, is an institution that replicates the best of education system in Britain.

A Nigerian born British academic and a leading school business professional, Dr Joe Obe said in a statement in Akure that the college is aiming to rival Eton College – UK’s best-known private school.

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“The British Transatlantic College, Akure says it will teach students and prepare them for Universities education in the UK and beyond.

“BTC is a British-Style 100% boarding school aiming to rival Eton College, Britain’s best-known private school.

“With take-off in January 2021, the College is focussing on A’ levels and international University foundation programmes specifically for SSCE graduates who desire to study and live in the UK and abroad.

“The British Transatlantic College, Akure is a specialist transition school offering students automatic transfer to BTC partnered universities in the UK and is currently recruiting SSCE graduates for its 9-month international University Foundation Programme starting in January for UK transfer in September.

“Students who complete BTC international University Foundation Programme will get automatic transfer to BTC partneredUniversities in the UK next September for a 3-year degree programme.

“The College’s UK liaison office offer full support for student visa and travel arrangement including supports to get UK residence permit after study.

“BTC has deployed world class learning and teaching facilities to offer British – Nigeria curriculum with a global perspective.

“The college is offering a radical change to Nigeria education environment and offers global opportunities to students.

“The college will actively contribute to the training of high-quality talents with excellent practical ability, innovation skills and international competitiveness.

“British Transatlantic College has the mission to nurture intellectual curiosity, unlock students’ potentials, and enabling natural talents of every child to flourish within the global community.

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“The College’s core values are encapsulated in her commitment statement which are: Nurturing potentials; Creating global opportunities; developing every student into a ‘Total Man’ and provision of Lifelong Learning for every student.

” The College priorities will be excellent teaching quality, excellent ratios of teachers to students, and a strongly supportive and responsive learning environment.

“BTC is a fully residential programme with mandatory boarding facilities for all.

Dr Obe added that ” BTC has assembled teaching team that consist of highly qualified subject specialists and top rated tutors around the world to teach the students through face to face and virtual classroom.

Prospective students he said “can apply online at for October and January starts.

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