December 3, 2020

Why Jamil Damji doesn’t believe in competition

Why Jamil Damji doesn’t believe in competition

Operating in a field as fiercely competitive as the real estate industry can naturally build opposing instincts into the mind of the average person; doubly so when you are a leader at one of the biggest real estate firms in America. Yet, Jamil Damji does not subscribe to setting himself up against competition.

“I am my competition,” he simply says. “I’ve realized my competition is just like me, good people, trying their best to feed their families and live a good life. When I see everyone as just like me, it allows me the perspective to approach them with compassion; I want everyone to win. So, cheers to your success.”

KeyGlee, the firm he co-founded with Josiah Grimes and Hunter Runyon has grown from just a loose collective of independent real estate operatives to America’s number one wholesale real estate agency. And the arduous nature of building that institution has played a part in how he views external factors.

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Instead of placing the burden of power on those factors, Jamil prefers to concentrate on himself. “I’ve been my biggest obstacle for sure,” he says honestly about career obstacles.“Over the years, I’ve done a lot of work on myself as a person and still have so much more to do.

Everytime I think I have something figured out, I get another circumstance that throws me on my ass and shows me just how far I have to go. I no longer look at obstacles as negatives, in fact it’s become a practice of mine to remind myself when in the throes of a challenging situation that this is happening for me, not to me.”

Currently, he is focused on scaling KeyGlee on a national level. “In 2020 we franchised KeyGlee nationally and are currently in 18 additional markets and growing rapidly,” he said. “Our goal is to have 700 franchises nationwide within the next 5 years.”