December 30, 2020

We will not cover up any immoral act in our schools — Deeper Life 

Deeper Life

By Harris Emanuel – Uyo

Against the backdrop of the alleged molestation of a pupil in her Uyo campus , authorities of Deeper Life  High School have assured  that the truth would prevail on the matter.

Education Secretary, Thelma Mailaka, in a two minute video obtained by Vanguard affirmed that the school stands on its core value of integrity and uprightness as such would not cover up any untoward act under any guise.

She maintained that the probe would be transparent and that justice would be served at the end of the day no matter whose ox is gored.

She commended the Akwa Ibom state government for ordering an investigation into the issue  in a bid to ensure, ”neutrality and a dispassionate outcome.”

She disclosed  that the school  authorities ensured that staff members and students allegedly fingered in  the act appeared before  the probe panel to give evidences, noting that  knowing the mental and physical stress the victim was passing through, the school would continue to shower him with  love within the limit his parents could permit.

Her words: “this is a further statement to the first we shared with discerning observers on the allegation of molestation of a JS1 student, Don Davies at our Uyo campus, Akwa Ibom state.

“First and foremost, permit me to remind you that the office of the governor of Akwa Ibom state has taken over the investigation of the matter to ensure neutrality and a dispassionate outcome.

”We appreciate the concern effort of everyone who has shown support in the investigation this far.

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“We reiterate that we will be transparent and that justice will not only be served, it will be seen by all that it has been served.

“Recall that we earlier suspended the principal of the affected campus and we initiated an investigation into the matter.

”We decided to restraint ourselves from further comment after the first update because we thought it is subjudice to comment on a matter under investigation.

“However considering the potential impact of this issue, especially what we stand for, we are compelled to provide an early update before the final report is released by the government.

“The panel has sat and we presented staff members and students of our school who have been mentioned in this particular case all through the period of investigation. We believe that the government will share the final report once investigation is concluded.

“Secondly, as a parent myself, I do care about the mental and physical health of Don Davies who is at the center of this issue.

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”Despite the intriguing underpinning, we will continue to show our love to him within the limit permitted by his parents.

”We have an  unflinching confidence in our God to resolve the issue such that at the end of the day the truth will ultimately prevail.

“Thirdly, I will like to let you know that the Police are  also currently investigating this matter. And we have been invited to share  our own side of the story.

”The detailed interrogation was however adjourned due to the holidays. We believe that a new date will be communicated as soon as possible by the Police authorities.

“Finally, we will like to reiterate that Deeper Life High School stands on a core value of integrity and uprightness and will not attempt to cover any immoral act under any guise.

”We enjoin the public to be on the lookout for the final report as will be released by the appropriate authority soon.”

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