December 18, 2020

COVID-19: Lagos orders restrictions for civil servants, churches, mosques, parties

Highlights of Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu's COVID-19 regulation

Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu of Lagos State.

Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu of Lagos State.

*Orders reinforcement of 12 midnight to 4am curfew

*Shuts down schools shut

By Olasunkanmi Akoni

Amid anxiety of second wave of COVID-19 pandemic and the rising cases of patients in recent times, Lagos State Governor, Mr. Babajide Sanwo-Olu, on Friday, expressed his concerns, saying the state could not afford to lose the gains as well as relax the battle against the pandemic in the state.

Recall that Sanwo-Olu went into isolation after being tested positive for the Coronavirus.

Sanwo-Olu, who is also recovering from the virus, announced his stable health condition in a statement he personally signed, expressing gratitude to all well wishers with assurance to get back soon to his normal official work.

The statement read in part: “Regarding my health, I am glad to inform you that I am getting better by the day, and all will surely be well. I thank Lagosians for their prayers and overwhelming kind thoughts. I am, indeed, very grateful.

“I have just risen from a virtual Executive Council meeting on issues around the resurgence of COVID-19 and how we should tackle this serious matter.

“The Lagos State Government has sadly noticed that there is an unfortunate public perception that we have seen the end of the COVID-19 pandemic; that the worst is over. This is absolutely wrong and dangerous.

“We are getting credible reports that the entertainment industry is planning large gatherings, concerts, street parties and carnivals, in the spirit of the Yuletide. Night Clubs have also re-opened in reckless disregard of the existing guidelines, and Events Centers are operating with huge gatherings without any regard for public health and safety guidelines.

“This same disregard for Coronavirus guidelines is also being observed with Places of Worship across the State, in both their regular gatherings and the special gatherings organized to commemorate this Season.

“This overwhelming non-compliance with guidelines meant to keep us all safe is very disheartening, especially when we consider that the message at the heart of Christmas is one of sacrifice and sacrificial conduct; embodied by the Holy Bible in John 3:16: “For God so loved the world, that he gave his only Son, that whoever believes in him should not perish but have eternal life.”

“Christmas is a commemoration of this supreme act of sacrifice by God. The least we can do in this Season is to emulate that spirit of sacrifice, by abiding with difficult but necessary protective guidelines, for the greater good of all of us.

“This is certainly not the time to lower our guard against the Coronavirus; it is instead time to step up our battle against this stubborn virus that has gripped the world for several months now.”

Speaking on the anxiety over second wave of the virus, Sanwo-Olu, said, ” Lagos State is recording an increase in COVID-19 cases in all local governments. This is not peculiar to Lagos alone; the entire country is also seeing an uptick in the numbers of confirmed cases of the Coronavirus disease.

“Of every 100 tests that we now perform, an average of 10 turn out to be positive. This is an increase from the 5 per hundred recorded in September, but lower than our peak in August which was between 20 and 30 per hundred.

“This suggests the existence of active community transmission, and represents the very likely possibility of the emergence of a second wave in Lagos State.

“This second wave calls for a full re-awakening of caution and precaution. The complacency that crept in over the last few months as a result of our early interventions when cases started to decline from our peak in August, must now give way to an abundance of vigilance.”

Workers to work from home

Sanwo-Olu directed all civil servants in the state from Grade Level 14 and below to start working from home effective December 21, 2020.

He also directed that all concerts, carnivals,  planned in the state be cancelled. He also directed all night clubs to close down with immediate effects while warning religious organizations to strictly adhere with Covid-19 procedures and ensure their services do not exceed 2hrs, as well as operates at 50 per cent capacity.

Testing , treatment

He continued, “We are ramping up testing, we have now recently surpassed the 3,000 tests per day mark, and we will keep raising this number. So far, we have performed 197,000 tests in Lagos State of which 26,000 have been diagnosed positive for COVID-19. Sadly, we have lost 226 persons (May their souls rest in peace).

“It is important to note that Lagos already tests far more than any other State, accounting for 25 percent of the total numbers tested nationwide. It should be reiterated that Testing in the designated public facilities remains free in Lagos State

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“Government does not charge for Covid-19 Tests in its Testing Centers. The only test centers where there is a charge are the private ones, and these are for intending travelers and also those who seek to know their status for some reason or the other.

“The majority of patients are electing to isolate at home, but our public isolation centers – of which the Infectious Diseases Hospital,  IDH in Yaba is the flagship – continue to remain open to patients.

“We are working hard to ensure that all the supplies and consumables required are constantly made available, and we encourage all persons who have tested positive and are showing symptoms to seek care in our Isolation Centers.

“Let me also sound a note of warning to all private testing facilities that are complicit in the allegations of colluding with individuals to issue fake Covid-19 Test Results. We have zero tolerance for this kind of criminal conduct, and will not hesitate to prosecute anybody found culpable, in addition to shutting down the offending laboratories.


“We cannot afford another lockdown of the economy. Amid an economic recession we must find a way to delicately balance the imperatives of life and livelihood. With this in mind, the only solution available to us is to take responsibility for all our actions, and to understand that we must stay safe not only for ourselves but for the sake of the entire society.

“The data we have – we strive to ensure that our decisions are as data-driven as possible – does not warrant the introduction of a drastic lockdown; we can achieve a lot simply by modifying our behavior in other ways: reducing the size of gatherings, complying with containment protocols, and applying common sense.

“The Lagos State Government is now sounding a clear note of caution to all residents on the importance of maintaining the guidelines that we have put in place to protect us from the ravages of COVID-19.

“We cannot afford a reversal of the gains we have made against this pandemic. ”

Public health directives

Sanwo-Olu, said the following measures must be noted and complied with in regards to public health: “All public servants from GL 14 and below, except emergency workers and first responders, are to work from home as from Monday, December 21st for the next 14 days – in the first instance.

“All schools must shut down with immediate effect, and until further notice.

“Concerts, carnivals and street parties are banned in Lagos State until further notice.

“Night Clubs have not been allowed to open yet. All Night Clubs in Lagos must immediately shut down, until further notice.

” The midnight to 4am curfew imposed by the Federal Government remains in place.

“The protocol of ‘No Mask No Entry’ must be enforced by all public places: Offices, Businesses, Markets, Shops, and so on.

“All Places of Worship (Churches, Mosques, etc.) must ensure that no gathering exceeds two hours, and also that no gathering exceeds 50% of the maximum capacity of the Venue.

” All Event Planners must obtain prior clearance from the Lagos State Safety Commission ( for all events, and ensure that any planned gatherings do not exceed 300 people.

“Where the capacity of a Venue exceeds 300 and permission has been granted, the occupancy shall not be more than 50% of such a venue.

“Ample ventilation must also be maintained at all times in all Venues, and Deep cleaning of the premises must be carried out before and after every event.

“A minimum of 2 meters’ distance should be maintained between seated or standing guests.

“All guests and service providers at events MUST wear nose masks/coverings before entry.

“Hand sanitizers or hand washing units are to be positioned at the entry point and various spots within the hall, among other safety measures.

“Guests and service providers with high temperature (above 37.5) are to be politely turned back and referred to paramedics or the emergency response team that must be present.

“Health, Safety and Environment Officers must be present at all public gatherings (Religious or Social) and must be trained in basic first aid procedures.

“All Events’ Staff must also be educated on recognising COVID-19 symptoms.

“The Safety Commission has been directed to visit Event Centres and gauge compliance with the established guidelines, to stop the virus from spreading. If there is evidence of lack of compliance at any Event Centre, it will be shut down immediately.

“Security agents have been mandated to ensure full enforcement, without exception. No one will be deemed to be above the law.

“Any and all breaches of these regulations and public health protocols will lead to immediate closure as well as attract heavy fines, and any other sanctions and penalties deemed fit, in line with the Lagos State Infectious Diseases Control Regulation 2020.

“We will continue to closely watch the profile of the unfolding situation, while also awaiting updates and pronouncements from the Presidential Task Force on COVID-19.

“We will also keep working with the Presidential Task Force to ensure that the gains of the recent past are not frittered away on the altar of festivities and sheer carelessness. The lives of all Lagosians, including our elders and other vulnerable citizens, matter.

“Maintaining the principles of non-pharmaceutical interventions and measures that are well documented strategies for interrupting the spread of the disease in our society which are:

“Social distancing, a minimum of 2 meters apart.

“The wearing of face masks at all times in public places.

“Maintenance of personal and respiratory hygiene – regular handwashing / sanitizing, coughing or sneezing into a tissue and properly disposing.

“Presentation for testing at our numerous public and private testing facilities if you experience any of the COVID-19 symptoms.

“Isolation either at home or in any of our Treatment Centres if diagnosed positive forCOVID-19.

“These measures represent the only way to keep the curve flattened and prevent a full-blown second wave from developing in Lagos.

“Let us use this festive season to spend quality time in small but controlled gatherings with family and friends in the spirit of the season.

“This virus does not discriminate. We must take responsibility, and not treat this pandemic with levity.

“We will not hesitate to bring the full weight of the law to bear on any person or organization caught breaching our public health regulations and protocols with regards to the Coronavirus disease.”

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