December 19, 2020

DMSI, partners support hospital with donation

By Moses Nosike

Considering the role of healthcare to humanity, the management of Digital Marketing Skill Institute with its partners, Health Emergency Initiative and Bellafricana recently paid a warm visit to Massey Street Children’s Hospital, Lagos Island to donate some needful clinic items such as blood donation chair, 24 pieces of scrubs and two interventions for indigent patients, and cash for patients who are in a critical stage and need financial support in the hospital.

The visit was led by the Managing Director, Digital Marketing Skill Institute, Mr. Tobi Asehinde, accompanied by Mr. Paschal Achunine and Mrs. Bukky Asehinde of Digital Marketing Skill Institute, Health Emergency Initiative, and Bellafricana, respectively.

In response, the Managing Director and Head of Laboratory of the hospital, Masey Street Children’s Hospital, Lagos Island, expressed their gratitude for the donation.

Aside from the donation of items which will be highlighted below, commitments were made towards financial interventions for two indigent patients who are in a critical stage and need financial support.

According to the Managing Director, Digital Marketing Skill Institute, Mr. Tobi Asehinde, we strive to give back to society and that is why we have partnered with Health Emergency Initiative (HEI) to donate cash from our income apart from other hospital equipment to help pay for more indigent emergency patients medical bills with the essence of saving lives.

Asehinde said that this is important to us because 8 out of 10 indigent emergency patients die because they cannot afford to pay their medical bills and if we can raise more money for this cause then we will be saving hundreds and thousands of lives every day who can’t pay for blood or treatments during emergency situations.

In addition, Digital Marketing Skill Institute has been in the vanguard of Nigerian youth empowerment and job creation via digital skills.

Tobi said, “we are here to give our youths the best digital skill acquisition that would empower them to create jobs, and by so doing millions of Nigerians will be employed through this multiplier effect of our training.

This is so because online marketing is the way to go in the global business competitiveness. And we see this trend as an employment opportunity for our youths who will make themselves ready to acquire this skill. It is a way of reducing the unemployment rate in our society and increasing the economic power of the people for a better Nigeria.

We also believe in giving back to the society through the little we are earning as an institute, and that is what we have demonstrated recently by supporting a hospital with items and cash for bill”.