Skooleeo Technology has changed the trajectory of the education technology (ed-tech) space in Nigeria.

The company has successfully expanded its business offering to include the enterprise resource planning; a school automation system and the learning centre, which is an avalanche of learning resources for students.

In congruence with its mission to revolutionize the world of school administration and learning for students in Nigeria, Skooleeo Technology has launched its mobile application on google Playstore, drive speed, efficiency and agility in the education sector.

Now more than ever, students anywhere in the world, (nursery, primary, and secondary schools) can at their comfort and in no particular time or place, download the Skooleeo App from Google Playstore and be immersed in an engaging and innovative online learning environment, the Skooleeo Learning Center.

Likewise, school administrators can assuredly run a hassle-free and seamless school management process on the Skooleeo app with the comprehensive School Management Resource Planning and Classroom Management tools.

The company designed the Skooleeo web and mobile App for schools, teachers, students, parents and government.

The application encases two smart and, technologically driven solutions in today’s world of constant technological innovation and change. The application is scalable and allows for seamless integration.

The School Management Resource Planning tool designed to help schools automate administrative and academic processes, solving problems and inefficiencies that schools may not even be aware of yet.

Schools using Skooleeo resource planning tool can manage complex and administrative tasks such as payment of school fees and billing records, scheduling school calendar and class timetable. Improve parent-teacher communication.

One of the unique features of the Skooleeo management resource tool is its ability to help schools create a virtual community that brings together parents, teachers and students for effective student learning.

Through this community, parents can easily interact with teachers and get real-time updates about students’ performance, class and school activities.

One of the highlights of the Skooleeo App is its classroom management tool designed to enable teachers and students to continue activities beyond the four walls of the school.

Skooleeo Classroom provides a ‘highly-available’ and ‘always-on’ learning environment ( which was built to encourage continuous learning even while students are away from school. Skooleeo Classroom offers a virtual experience of what happens in a real-life classroom.

Teachers can conduct classes from anywhere, share study notes, learning materials (videos, pictures, charts, etc.), distribute and review assignments, track students’ attendance and engagement and give feedback on all projects.

The Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Mr Tubosun Abioye, in a recent briefing, expressed that the company is excited to introduce its product to the education sector in Nigeria.

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Even though the brand has been in existence for over a year, Mr Abioye affirmed that the company didn’t communicate to the public this incredible innovation, as work was ongoing to get the product adequately ready for the market.

Mr Abioye also introduced the Skooleeo Learning Center.

According to him, this is one of the brand’s key offerings, with students its vital target. He explained that the Skooleeo Learning Center is an intuitive platform designed to make learning fun and engaging. The learning centre is engineered with artificial intelligence as it is capable of profiling students to suggest to them related and relevant learning materials for independent and self-directed learning.

“With the Skooleeo Learning Center, we believe students can effectively improve their learning competencies and academic performance. Whether in school or at home, students can access learning content such as videos, webinars, live classes, presentation slides, podcast, past examination questions, flashcards and more for their learning and development.”

“The App features profile analytics and performance feedback tools which students can use to monitor their performance and learning growth. Of course, all this is available to students at affordable prices. We have various subscription plans that carter to students and families” he added.

The CEO divulged that continuous developments are being made to the school management tool of the App to cater for the specificity of each school and more learning contents of diverse media are being made available to the learning centre.

“We encourage students, parents, teachers, schools, government and all other related stakeholders to engage and deploy the Skooleeo application, and truly experience its robustness and resourcefulness. We look forward to engaging with school administrators and government on our enterprise solutions for the effective management of schools to enhance learning and productivity.”

“We are confident in our ability to bring change and synergy to education technology for a long time and keep us on par with modern education technology.”


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