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#EndSARS death not a redeemer

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By Segun Ige

HOPE Eghagha’s “anxiety-of-influence” conceptualisation of “death, not a redeemer” is apt and pretty well understandable in the contested transitional territory of “life-after-death”. In other words, and particularly in the Yoruba cosmology, sacrificing and losing one’s life is saving and gaining it in the end.

Incidentally, it’s like the Pauline lose-win principle – “I count all things but loss… I have suffered the loss of all things… that I may win Christ”.

And in short, such a human-sacrifice is, ideologically and culturally speaking, the propitiation to societal premonitions and pulverisations. But provided there’s no shedding of blood whatsoever, then there’s no remission of sins – and, in consequence, an epic fight-to-finish retribution is instantiated by the implacable gods. The aftermath is a bedraggled, impetuous, impious society, and the rest, as they say, is history.

Well, the #EndSARS death on October 20 is arguably not the wanted and awaited “redeemer” Nigerians have so long been expecting and anticipating. Far from it! Such a massacre, if you like, is not the redemption to the numerous weak points of our system of leadership.

Such is not the solution to the long-standing problems wrought by the wrongdoings of leaders and whirligig of systemic hypocrisy and venality.

We think that’s where Nigeria’s salvation lies, right? We think that’s where Nigeria’s redemption lies, don’t we? We think the blood of innocent souls would be the expiation for our political depravity and, what’s more, that such shedding of blood would let “peace and justice” reign in Nigeria. No, that’s not true! To be sure, the reverberations and repercussions coming upon the nation are a fanciful and far-fetched restoration of peace and unity.

And such detestable and outrageous killing has yet heightened the tensions that the country is typically immature and irresponsible.

The immaturity and irresponsibility is the handiwork of handicapped leaders in the comity of nations, which has significantly bred and reared immature and irresponsible juveniles.

Objectively, Nigeria, under the present administration, should begin to break in on the impenetrable middle wall of partition by allowing youth participation in the body politic. (One day, the baton of leadership would be handed over to them. Not so?)

Subjectively, it shouldn’t be problematic, should it, that the ramping up of “the leaders of tomorrow” would be politically wrapped up as to whether, again, who’s “responsible” and “mature” to have committed such atrocious logistic activation function?

After all, that’s the delinquency of neo-natal democracies in general. In the American politics, for example, we have President Donald Trump who once claimed to be some “honest Abe”, yet with his policy and personality in contradistinction to the calling and consecration of Abraham Lincoln – because if, in fact, he’s pro-Lincoln, then he would have doubled-down on the Lincoln doctrine of democracy as “the government of the people, for the people, and by the people”.

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Regarding and respecting the opinion of the people would be of paramount priority and importance. Isn’t that the fulcrum and grundnorm of democracy? India Prime Minister Narendra Modi says “corruption-free” governance has to be “proactive” and “pro-people”.

That would have surely been the dictum and desideratum of emerging disciples from the Lincoln school of thought. And rather than putting slavery in “ultimate extinction”, the Trump administration, Trumpism, is stoking and storing slavery in the simplicity of hearts of the American peoples.

So, they have been enslaved in the Trump popularism of populism: the claim of the 2020 election being “substantially fraudulent” is unfounded some way or other; the de-escalation between the United States and China over the coronavirus is terribly unbecoming; the strategically opportunistic disenfranchisement and disempowerment of potential Biden voters is significantly anti-Lincoln, even undemocratic. Finally, Donald Trump’s hoity-toity and non sequitur to new ideas make him a curmudgeon of a Republican candidate de die in diem.

Americans themselves are yearning for yester-years “redeemer” who’ll be able to stand as a mediator between the offendor and offendee.

I believe that’s what the president-elect Joe Biden would forestall as he sharply brings about some rapprochement between the U.S. vis-à-vis other Trump-tortured countries. America is on the brisk and bask of fulfilled hopes and dreams with the Biden administration. And that’s not to say that the aboriginal place of African-Americans would not be de jure of Bidenism.

Back to the matter: Those are not the appropriate people that should have been sacrificed at the altar of the Lekki Toll Gate. They’re not responsible for the atonement and appeasement of the sins “they” have committed: The fathers have eaten a sour grape, and the children’s teeth are set on edge.

They are not the panacea to the dynamite pollution and perversion inundated in our esprit de corps. Even though it’s not suggestible to silence such suspected perpetrators, it is not as well sinful to acknowledge that such horrendous act may well be where the blessings of Nigeria are buried. So what’s the efficacious power of prevailing over promising youths?

Their “after-life,” their return and rupture would be so vindictive and vituperative on the “sin-bearers” who bear the “mark”. And who shall be able to stand the second-coming of the #EndSARS precursors?

Ige, a public affairs commentator, wrote via

Vanguard New Nigeria

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