November 29, 2020

Blind widow: Man of God helped me after church threw me out of home

Blind widow: Man of God helped me after church threw me out of home

By Funmi Ajumobi

Remember the story of Mrs. Nwadise Nkechi Philomena, blind widow who hails from Ogwashi-Uku in Aniocha Local Government Area of Delta State.

On August 23, 2020, Sunday Vanguard published the story of how she was given quit notice from a church property where she had resided and the new pastor who did not know her story threatened to bring the police to throw her out?

The situation of the widow, popularly known as Mummy Favour, was disclosed to us by an NGO, Dew Drops Development Foundation.

Narrating her story at that time, she cried to kind hearted Nigerians and Governor Ifeanyi Okowa of her home state, Delta, to rescue her.

After the publication, a man of God who read the story in the far away Ireland came to her rescue.

No one needs to ask her if she was happy with her new status because she was full of smiles when Sunday Vanguard visited her in her new home provided by the man of God in Ikorodu, Lagos State.

Her way to victory

“I don’t know how to say thank you to Vanguard and my sister (reporter). You are my sister for life”, she said when Sunday Vanguard arrived at the home.

“I have nothing but what you have done, you don’t know it. Only I know. The night before Mrs. Bakare, the founder of an NGO, introduced you to me, I cried till morning for God to intervene in my situation so I won’t be thrown out of the house.

“I didn’t know God had already prepared someone somewhere for me.

“The moment I asked God had answered but fear of the unknown nearly killed me.

“In the morning, Mrs Bakare came to say someone was coming from Vanguard to interview me and that was when I quickly prepared and you were asking me questions which I didn’t know the outcome until August 23, 2020 which I will never forget in my life.

“A woman, a church member rushed down and asked why I had to talk to a newspaper about my situation and the husband also called about the publication.

“I told them that I had to cry to good hearted Nigerians to help me because they (church members) could not help me.

“I also asked them where the church wanted me to go. The man said it was okay but I shouldn’t have done that and that since I had money for publication that was worth N600, 000, I should have used it to rent an apartment. They didn’t know it was God that did it for me.

“Anything that is your heart’s desire, before you ask it, God will supply to you because you have done this for me. Vanguard will continue to grow from strength to strength.

“I’m sleeping very well now. No more one eye closed and one eye opened.

“I now live in a self -contained apartment, well tiled with burglary proof everywhere for my safety, it is like I am dreaming.

“I always ask my daughter whenever I feel something to tell me what it is and how does it look? The colour of the tiles.

“Aunty Funmi, you need to check the kitchen and the room well tiled. It’s like I’m in heaven compared to the former place. We moved in on October 30″.


Speaking on her good fortune, Mummy Fortune said, “A pastor from Ireland sent somebody to me at Surulere where I was staying and told me his pastor called him after reading a story in Vanguard and that he should come and confirm if it was true and if I was still staying there.

“The man then called the pastor and gave me the phone to talk to him. “The pastor told me that he saw the story on the internet and he just scrolled past it but the Holy Spirit told him to read the story and make sure he took care of me and that was why he called to confirm.

“He collected my phone number and that was how my turnaround started. “He instructed his church members in Ikorodu to look for an apartment for me and he paid.

“He told me I shouldn’t bother about rent and promised to pay the rent every year. So, as I’m here now, it is like I am the landlady of this apartment.

“He even told me to be managing this place for now and that he was going to get a better place for me when he returns to Nigeria.

“Can you imagine what God has done for me?

“I want all the people who know me in Surulere and my former church people to come and see where God has put me.

“The kind hearted pastor even told me he will be giving me N15, 000 every month to maintain myself.

“And he has given me two months already. He gave me in September and October. I’m now expecting the money for November like a salary earner.

“Concerning my eyes, he said he will arrange for medical treatment which he said he was going to pay for too when he returns to Nigeria after Covid-19 is over.

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“I thank God for how He has used him for me and what Vanguard has done for me.

“Do you know how many stories are on the internet? Do you know how many stories Vanguard published that day and how many millions of people read my story that day and just flipped through?

“But it took God to touch a person to help me. It is not that he is the richest man in the world or the richest man of God in the world but God touched his heart for me and I thank God that He yielded that day for my sake.

“May God bless him. It is a sign that God knows and sees him in his little corner as a pastor.

New experience

“I sleep like little baby. Sometimes, I wake up at 10 in the morning. Very peaceful and when rain is falling, we turn very well because there is no fear of flood.

“There is no heat even without light and whenever I go to the balcony, come and see fresh air blowing.

“I am blessed. Again, God now so blessed me with wonderful and loving neighbors.

“They came and told me that anytime I need help, I should call them and said their children are also available for me.

“The children always surround me and play with my grey hair. It is God that brought me here.

“I now go to the church of the man of God that God used for me. It is a Pentecostal church. The pastor does not want any publicity because he has done it for God. I thank God. The church that welcomed me, I belong to them. I belong to God. I can’t thank the members of the church enough. “There is no fixing in the house that they don’t show up to help. They call carpenter, plumber, and electrician and so on to put things in place for me. They are God sent”.

Favour, her daughter, who has missed one session in school and could not write SSCE with her school mates because of lack of finance, said, “I’m so happy. Things are easier now. Water is flowing everywhere. I don’t have to go and buy water from long distance anymore.

“When it is raining now, we just relax and my mummy will be singing to God because we no longer experience flood like we used to in the former place.

“I just want to thank Vanguard and the man of God that helped my mummy all the way from Ireland.

“Though I have not resumed school because the place the pastor said I should register is far from this accommodation and I will be spending N600 per day which my mummy cannot afford for now, the man of God already told us to look for a school around and promised to pay for my school fees too and I will also register for SSCE”.

Help from former church

The blind widow also spoke on the intervention of the General Overseer of her former church after reading her story in Vanguard: “Our General Overseer sent an elder from the church to come and see me after the publication and he said I should not worry as they will get a better place for me.

“I waited and later they came and told me that they got a place for N400, 000 but I told them to give me the money so I can get a place and pay after the rent expires.

“They were holding meeting upon meeting and in the midst of this, God sent this pastor from Ireland to take care of me.

“The kind hearted man of God had paid my rent when my church finally decided to give me N300, 000. I thank our General Overseer for the kind gesture. May God bless him”.

Mrs. Nwadise thanked all kindhearted people that sent tokens to her account when they read her story, but still pleaded with them not to leave her alone.

She needs upholstery, fan, radio to listen to news and television to keep her neighbor’s children who come to play with her busy.

Her account is Nwadise Philomena Nkechi, GT Bank Acct 0114691234