November 5, 2020

Again, Modupe Odele asks immigration to release her passport

Again, Modupe Odele asks immigration to release her passport

Having asked the Nigeria Immigration Service, NIS, to release her passport few days again, Modupe Odele has again appealed to NIS to release her passport seized since five days ago.

Disclosing this via her twitter handle, the #EndSARS promoter said they have not given any reason for seizing her passport except telling her that she was under investigation.

According to her: “1st of November, I was stopped and my passport taken some minutes to boarding this flight.

“No reason was given, other than “you are under investigation” today is 5th of November, I still do not have my passport back neither have I been told what the investigation is about.

“Holding on to my passport without giving me any reason for it is a breach of my constitutional right. I’ve not been informed of any investigation against me, I’m not running. I am here. Investigate. Ask me questions but do not continue to hold on to my passport with NO reasons.

“Today is the 5th day that my passport is still being held after it was seized at the Lagos international airport. If there’s no no-fly list, that’s okay but why has my passport not being released yet?

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“What is so ironic is that as a kid, I grew up hearing stories like this of folks having passports seized with no reasons. They sounded like far away tales that could never happen to me you know. But look at where we are now. A few hours before I turned 31, it happened to me. Wild!

“Stop tweeting about it. Why? So the world doesn’t see this ridiculous thing that is happening?

“Common guys you can do better than this. What is this razz campaign in my mentions? So shameful tbh.

“Instead of rallying muppets to carry on a discrediting campaign, respectfully ask your people to release my passport. Why dis? So unnecessary.”