Muslim faithful

…Say information on real victims manipulated

By Ibrahim HassanWuyo

About a hundred Muslim leaders from across Nigeria who met in Kaduna weekend, have alleged that the killings in Southern Kaduna was aimed at completely exterminating the Muslim population in the area.

They also said there were mischievously, misleading information to the public of  the real victims of Southern Kaduna Crisis, whereas the Muslims are always being the victim of the carnage and destruction.

This was contained in a communiqué of the concerned Muslims round table, signed by Dr. Mustapha Isa Qasim and Mallam Yusuf Yakubu Arrigasiyyu, the Chairman and Secretary respectively.

The roundtable meeting was attended by selected eminent Islamic clerics and representatives of Religious Organizations from all segments and from all parts of Nigeria, to discuss the incessant crisis in the Southern part of Kaduna with a view to finding a lasting solution to its future occurrence.

During the meeting, a paper titled “Southern Kaduna crisis: Issues and challenges, was presented by a  researcher and public analyst of Southern Kaduna crisis. Mallam Sanusi Maikudi. This was followed by contributions from Malam Ibrahim Zango of Southern Kaduna Fulani clan and Mallam Abdullahi Babanyaro a representative of Adara Muslims in Southern Kaduna.

In the course of the discussions, the following observations were made: “The crisis and killings of innocent Muslims in Southern Kaduna is of serious concern to the Muslim Ummah in Nigeria and world at large.”

“There are mischievous and misleading information as to the real victims of Southern Kaduna Crisis, whereas the Muslims are always being the victim of the carnage and destruction.”

“The Muslims either from Southern Kaduna or from the Ummah are either not effectively using media to voice their ordeal or lack of accessibility to media or are subdued by propaganda.”

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“The persistent killing of Muslims in Southern Kaduna is a ploy to completely wipe them out of the area despite being the founders of many communities in the areas for hundreds of years.”

“The continued genocide of the Muslims in Southern Kaduna was an intentional plan castrated against the Muslims to prevent the spread of Islam and also to win sympathy and donation from other Christians across the glove.”

” The claim that the Hausa /Fulani in the area are settlers is an attempt to distort historical heritage since they have been in existence in those areas even before the Jihad of Usman Fodio.”

“In fact, during the slave trade there was no any tribe residing in any part of southern Kaduna except the Fulani and the Hausa communities. But of recent there were attempts to hide the truth and to present distorted information.”

“The aggression in southern Kaduna was not limited to the Hausa/ Fulani Muslim alone, it also extended to other nationalities residing in the area because some of them are also been attacked, maimed, intimidated and even killed. In fact they too are denied the full ownership of lands in the area.”

“In the event of incidental death of any person from any tribe in the area, the Muslims always pay for the price of the act even if they were unaware of the situation. A case here is the death of the Chief of Adara kingdom.”

“Lack of implementation of whitepaper of reports of committee of inquiries has given more room for the continuous crisis in the area.”

“The persistent crisis in southern Kaduna has caused a lot of colossal damage and loses in terms of humans, livestock and property to the Muslims in the area which could be quantified in Billions of Naira.”

“The initiative of Kaduna State Government to calm nerves and bring out a lasting peace in the area is a good step in the right direction an effort that all successive governments failure to achieve…*

“There are no enough documentations of actual crisis in Southern Kaduna or any other form of crisis as they affect the Muslim Ummah written or Authoured by Muslim scholars as the case may be. Most available literature not only on killings of Muslims in Southern Kaduna but in other forms of crisis affecting the Ummah were not written by Muslims.”

“The Ummah today is faced with two main challenges. These are physical killings and media war.”

After decisive discussions the meeting resolved as follows: That the crisis affecting the Muslims in Southern Kaduna should be perceived as a problem affecting the entire Ummah in the Nation.”

” The Muslims must counteract any misinformation through enlightenment and media campaign.”

“The Muslims in Southern Kaduna should not be termed as settlers but as bonafide indigenes of Southern Kaduna.

Muslim should be encouraged to establish and effectively utilize media houses.”

“The land use act should be invoked where necessary to allow free access to lands by residence and indigenes in any part of the State and citizens should feel free to live peacefully in any part of Kaduna State.”

“The Ummah should set-up a think tank of scholars to produce documents relating not only to the crisis in Southern Kaduna but in other crisis such as Boko Haram etc,” they said.



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