October 25, 2020

Satan used #EndSARS to launch crisis, we must stop him, says cleric

Satan used #EndSARS to launch crisis, we must stop him, says cleric

Pastor Symbol Irame

Pastor Symbol Irame

Religious leaders across the country have been called upon to, in their ways, embark on purification at junctions and roundabouts within their domains for the restoration of peace and progress in the country.

Leader of Love God’s Direction (LGD) Movement, Pastor Symbol Irame made the call in a statement on Sunday, in Warri, Delta State.

He said Satan took advantage of the #EndSARS protests to pollute and desecrate the junctions and roundabouts across Nigeria and used them as strategic places to launch crises in Nigeria.

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“They are being used as battlefields to destroy Nigeria. All the junctions and roundabouts were defiled during the #EndSARS protests and there is urgent need to purify them through prayers, to restore the country to the path of peace and progress,” he said.

According to Irame, although the #EndSARS protest had noble ideas, but it has been trailed by irreparable loss, unbearable pains, sufferings and grief caused by the attendant crisis which was launched by the forces of evil from junctions and roundabouts in the country.

“The need to pray and sanctify all junctions and roundabouts in Nigeria is, therefore, very necessary and I call on all religious leaders, whether Christians, Muslims or African traditional religionists to rise to the occasion and save the land from the clutch of the evil one,” he added.