October 10, 2020

 HO CORN set to open e-commerce platform

 HO CORN set to open e-commerce platform

Pursuing its passion for corn farming as a solution to the hunger crisis in Africa and a contributor to the continent’s agricultural industry, HO CORN is set to open an e-commerce platform where Nigerians can buy fresh corn and have it delivered from the farm to their door doorsteps.

According to the company’s business development consultant, Prince Mohammed Kolawole Salau, the platform is in line with H O CORN’s goal to ensure food security.

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He added that the plan is also to emphasise the good effects the present administration’s reforms in agriculture is having in the country.

Further speaking, the Founder, Mr. Harrison Andrew, noted that H O CORN’s 30,000 acres corn farm located in Oyo State is open to supply nationwide to industries and persons from any part of the country willing to buy high quality fresh corn and dry corn at favourable rates.

“HO CORN increased capacity to 30,000 acres recently as a step to accommodate large scale maize farming, increase opportunities for investors and provide massive employment for Nigerians to achieve our goal to become a household name in corn farming and production, surpassed our expectations with that of our investors, provide financial stability and sustain it not just in the country, but Africa and globally,” he added.