By Gabriel Olawale

The Olowu of Owu Kuta, Oba Adekunle Oyelude Makama in this interview advised North East leaders to stop playing politics with the Nigerian’s security.

How will you access the #ENDSARS protest?

I want to congratulate all patriotic Nigeria youths that want to be part of how they are being governed and police, you have a noble cause. You have won already because for the first time, government accepted all your five points demand and move into action.

I can assure youths that henceforth, what they will see is a  Police that befits them and conforms with international best practice. The President and Inspector General of Police are doing a lot in that direction based on interaction they had with stakeholders.

Do you have any concern about the protest?

I will admonish Nigerian youths not to allow some unpatriotic politicians to leverage on what they are doing legitimately and brought the nation to ridicule. Also, it is sad that in the North East part of the country, some faceless group in the name of North East Elders, who have never for once openly supported the armed forces in their effort against insurgence but because of the ongoing #ENDSARS protest, they are calling for the sack of service chiefs.

What is your view about the call for Service Chiefs to be sacked?

The irony of it is that this group did not support end police brutality, they openly said they preferred SARS to be deploy to them which means they did not share our youths’ feeling and we are in one country.

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Their continuous hatred for the military leadership came to the fore when they openly condemned the well planned Operation Fire Ball recently declared by the Chief of Army Staff.

Our sons and daughters are going over there to die, but they did not share your feelings. Despite the fact that they prefer SARS, they are cashing in on the protest embarked on by the youths to blackmail the Presidency by demanding for the removal of service chiefs.

Any message to North East leaders?

I am calling on political leaders from North East to drop any local politics of Borno aside and let us face national security issues.

What is your interest?

People may wonder how it concerns me, but it does, because every local government is contributing men and officers to fight insurgency in Borno State and they are dying. It’s sad that in the face of all these killings, the only thing these people can do is to call for the removal of Service Chiefs.

The country demand thank you from these people and they should stop sabotaging security operations every day.

No individual or group has the right to question military operations except the President who is the commander-in-Chief. If the so-called North-East leaders are patriotic as they claimed, we implore them to call on the authorities to declare a State Emergency and allow the military to clear the insurgents once and for all.

Please support the military, we are confident about their ability

So, for any section to come up with faceless group to be linking their individual ambition with ENDSARS, it is not accepted.

We are losing our sons and daughters from this part of the country, we are contributing men and all the money used for the fight against insurgency is our common wealth. No region or group has monopoly to call for the sack of service Chiefs.

Please don’t play on our collective intelligence.



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