October 25, 2020

DELTA 2023: Why we back Olorogun

Niger Delta

By Emmanuella Oyinkro Ibinabo

The battle for the soul of the Delta State Government House for 2023 in recent time is leaving no one in doubt as to what the election year holds for the oil-rich ‘Big Heart’ State and her people as so much mudslinging are being thrown in the air targeting just one man.

As the clock ticks, the political undercurrent is becoming so disturbing with so many subterranean moves are being made by the gladiators to undo one another, some even by those who are serving in government and are supposedly bound by the principled position of Governor Ifeanyi Okowa, in his instruction that none of his cabinet members must openly engage in politicking for 2023 gubernatorial ambition, at least for now.

When he started his consultations to party chieftains and ardent followers of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), across the state—criss-crossing all the local governments and wards in a very weird manner vis-à-vis his subsequent acceptance by the people, one may not be in doubt that Olorogun Kenneth Gbagi’s personality will be attacked or banana-peel thrown on his way in the form of distractions by those envious of him.

His political outings—consultations and general acceptance in the State have made him the most envied by jealous minds within the political system.

Detractors are often too jealous to be reasonable; they are too envious to make sense in whatever direction they may choose and this is the realities on ground in the Delta political space, which also accounts for their abysmal failures too.

If distractions do not come in the way of Olorogun Gbagi in the course of his growing political popularity in the State, it may be considered a proof to the fact that he is not making any impact in his political sojourn; it may be seen that his politics have no teeth to bite.

But, as it stands now that is not the case; the most competent man and front-runner for the Office of Governor of the ‘Big Heart’ State is being attacked.

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Nonetheless, Deltans are happy to note that Olorogun’s efforts at becoming the next Governor of the oil-rich State is gathering momentum and righteously too.

When the former Minister of State for Education loaded truckloads of rice, vegetable oil, and sundry food items and distributed same to Deltans cushioning the effects of lock down in their domestic economies, where were the neo-activists today who have formed a wall destruction round a God-made-man who of course they cannot destroy? We know, betrayal is as old as man.

With a giant stride, the business mogul and entrepreneur of repute has uplifted so many families from poverty and that, he is still doing to the astonishment of those to whom he is a thorn in their flesh.

Olorogun Gbagi is a creator of ideas, be it in commerce, politics, education, business, security… and these are virtues that pitch him against people who think the only option left for them is to pull down the man already accepted generally by the people of Delta State to be their next Governor. Because with him, the people see a greater, better, more fulfilling and more promising future.

There is a barefooted conspiracy to pull down the man generally described as a pillar of support for well-meaning Nigerians particularly Deltans by those who he has helped in the past.

But incidentally, not even a string of Gbagi’s hair they can pull because he is the God’s chosen one for the seat and nobody can destroy him. And surely, the insurrection of the wicked has been defeated.

For those of us in the riverine area of Delta State, otherwise known as Delta South Senatorial District, it is either Gbagi for 2023 or nobody. He is the most qualified out of the legion of contenders be it in or outside of Government and should be allowed to achieve what he has set for himself.

Before the people of Delta State, nobody can pull down the former Minister of State for Education because God has structured him to be indestructible over the years.

Olorogun Gbagi is a bride of any political party and a friend anyone can proudly have. An illustrious son of Urhoboland, we the Ijaw-speaking Deltans admire him so much, which is why he is our best choice for the Asaba Government House, come 2023, irrespective of the handiwork of mischief-makers.

Our minds are made up for him, he is our best and through thick and thin, the people of Delta South Senatorial District are solidly behind the man who fed us when we were hungry. He was handy, he did not deny the citizens, he provided for us and the only way we can appreciate him is in our unflinching support which he already has.

Gbagi is uncontroversial, he is generous, humane and deeply understanding. This is why with him; Delta State will be in a safer hands in 2023.

The Ijaw, Isoko, Urhobo and Itsekiri people of the Delta South Senatorial district owe nobody apology for being ardent believers in this illustrious son of our dear state – God willing, at the fullness of time, we shall all enjoy the pride of victory.

•Ibinabo writes from Port Harcourt