October 2, 2020

A look at Prophet IO Samuel’s accurate prophecies

Popular Abuja clergyman, Prophet I O Samuel has been making waves all over the nation over his accurate prophecies that has been fulfilled.

The most recent one is Governor Obaseki’s victory in Edo Elections.

An insider who has been following the pastor’s ministry which revealed that the prophet was the one who way back in 2013 told the world that there will be a new party that desire change even before the formation of APC and it eventually came to pass.

Prophet I O Samuel also revealed the unfortunate helicopter crash involving the vice president prior to the elections and so many numerous prophecy about 34 in number which has come to pass.


He even revealed the involvement of US and UK in the just concluded election.

Prophet I O Samuel is also a musician. He recently released his new album tagged I must testify. So many souls are already won through the inspirational songs in the album.