October 13, 2020

16 ideas you can try during social distancing

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When the most of world are implementing social distancing to keep COVID-19 under control, people have more time to stay at home during the city lockdown. Because of this unexpected matter, people get away from their routine work and it seems that they have much spare time while staying at home.

Although the quarantine has stopped people from having much fun from outdoor activities, there are many things they can do at home for not only entertaining themselves but also improving the working/studying productivity. Here are 16 ideas you can try during this social distancing period.

  1. Clean Your Wardrobe

When you get sudden free time at home, why not spend some of them to clean up your wardrobe to make it tidy and in order? During our daily life, we probably just put everything into the wardrobe without thinking twice because modern people are always trying to save their time from doing some seemingly unnecessary housework. They just put in and take out the clothes they need for wearing but seldom have time to put them in order.

So when you get much time during social distancing, it is a chance for you to sorting out the clothes in your wardrobe, so it would be much easier for you to browse in a busy morning. You may even discover your old favorites left in the corner for a long time!

  1. Learn Cooking/Baking

Actually, most people would head to the kitchen and spend most of their day learning or improving the cooking/baking skills when they get free time during the city lockdown. Now you can try everything, from some simple family making recipes to all kinds of foreign cuisines. This is a very good opportunity for you to learn more dishes’ making methods so that your life quality can even be improved to be better! Never mind when you make a dish in ruin. You can do it again at anytime because you have so much time at home now.

  1. Watch Movies & TV Drama

It’s time for your entertainment as you have so much spare time now! The best thing that most people would like to try should be picking up a movie or TV drama they list the most and stream it at home, with snakes and drinks at hand. How wonderful should it be! Today there are lots of movie and TV drama resources provided online, so you can go to such platforms like YouTube, Dailymotion, etc. for grasping the resources you want to watch. To prevent online playback errors from happening, you can also turn to the all-featured software, VideoHunter, to save them offline in high quality for smooth playback. This is a very enjoyable way to kill time.

  1. Learn New Skills

Are you the kind of people who could be really productive and don’t want to waste any of your time during the social distancing period? Then why not try to learn new skills you have thought about learning for a long time but have no time to? For example, learn a new foreign or even a computer language; grasp a music instrument, etc. You can discover online tutorials of many categories on YouTube platform. Likewise, downloading such online tutorials for offline playback using VideoHunter is a wise choice so that you can play the tutorials again and again.

  1. Read More Books

During our regular life, we may be busy in dealing all sorts of works, maintain our daily life, socialize with colleagues or classmates, etc., so we get less and less time to read a book quietly. During the social distancing period, you can get much time back and read more books that have been put on your shelf for a long time.

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This is also a time when it can bring your inner peace back. So when you are free, why not pick up a book you are interested in and read about it?

  1. Do Indoor Workout

Although during the social distancing period, all gyms are locked down, you can still have some simple indoor workout to keep your body healthy and fit. You can purchase some simply workout equipment, and find a space to build up a healthy body by doing exercises at home or in your own garden. In addition, there are also many indoor workouts that require no equipment, so why not get rid of laziness and so some easy exercises at home for maintaining good physical health?

  1. Deep Clean Your Home/Bedroom

Another way to kill time and relieve your stress at home can be deeply cleaning your home/bedroom for once or twice. Because during social distancing, staying at home for a long period will easily arise some negative moods and feelings such as depressions. Under this situation, if you are facing a messy house, the negative feelings would even be exaggrated. So spend some time in clearning your home, decorating it to be more personalized. When you do the housework, you have no time to think about some negative things as well.

  1. Check Your Finances

We always spend money without really noticing whether we really need to purchase such items. This is a good time for you to check your finances and see whether you have spend much money in buying unnecessary things. In addition, planning your next financial plans for making more extra money is a rational choice. You can also consider how to allocate your money more properly for gaining more savings.

  1. Keep Writing Journal

During this special period, you may feel lonely because you get much time to spend with yourself only. When you have nobody to talk to, you can try to keep a journal regularly, and tell the diary what you really think of, what you plan to do after the social distancing is over, etc. As you try to keep writing a journal, you may feel less lonely and discover the fun hiding in it. Treating your diary as your friend is also a way to keep you out of depression.

  1. Play Lego or Puzzles

Lego and puzzles are very good items to kill time and after you spend much time as well as efforts in completing it, you will feel a strong sense of achievement. If you want to challenge yourself, you can purchase the Lego and puzzles which are in a difficult level. It takes not only your time but also your concentration to make the whole model.

  1. Organize Computer/Mobile Data

Computers and mobile phones should be the electronic products that we would face during the most of our day, no matter for communication, working, studying, or entertaining. During our busy daily life, we may seldom have time to clear them up, and let many unnecessary files, programs, or data to occupy the space then drag down the performance. Now you can spend some of your time to organize the data at home! You can backup some important content, and delete those unnecessary things to keep your device clean. Actually, if you use your device frequently, this is a big project.

  1. 12. Do Gardening

If your house have a garden, why not spend your time getting closer to the nature again by doing some simple gardening works? Because we are mostly busying in working and studying during weekdays, so this time, you can spend some of your time to manage the wild grass and plants in your garden and make it to be lovely as well as tidy again. Add some settings to your garden for spending time with your family is also a good choice.

  1. Learning Dancing

For some people who want to do exercises but extremely want to do it in an interesting way, dancing can be a really good option to you. There are many dancing workouts that can give you the fun, but meanwhile, offer you a chance to exercise your body. There are lots of dancing tutorials online, so you can also search for the one you are interested in and dance at home for having fun.

  1. Play Video Games with Friends

Thanks to the development of all kinds of online video games, especially the RPG games, youngsters have more time to have fun with their friends together. Popular games like Among Us, PUBG, LOL, Minecraft, etc. are quite popular around the world. Take this time and you can have a really fun experience with your friends. You may even meet more new pals to play together and enlarge your online social networking.

  1. DIY Something

If you have kids, you can do some interesting DIY works with them for spending the valuable and funny time together. Even you live alone, you can find some materials, and DIY some practical little stuff for using at home, for example, a flower pot, a DIY album/diary, handmade mobile phone protector, etc. It is funny to do DIY and it can also help kill your boring moment.

  1. Learn Makeup

For girls, makeup is an essential skills today. If you haven’t pay much attention to makeup but want to grasp this skill for making yourself to be more attractive, make use of the social distancing period and learn some makeup skills. You can find lots of YouTubers offering free tutorials, so by following these guides and you would find that makeup is not a difficult task to learn.

That’s all. So which idea you may try during the social distancing period? Actually, there are more things you can do during this time when your spare time get much more than ever before. Whatever you are doing, stay healthy and enjoy your time!