September 10, 2020

Melanie Dupuis, husband, experts in real estate business

Melanie Dupuis, husband, experts in real estate business

Melanie Dupuis and her husband are a real estate investment team like no other. She and her husband, Dave, made a name for themselves in the industry and are unique in the fact that they do not have any joint venture; all of their properties are only owned by the power couple.

“We do everything as a couple! We are Canadian investors and mentors who solely own all our 27 properties with 170+ units. We also started a mentoring program for those wishing to get started in the real estate industry. Mentees are buying properties within the first month of joining our program and have lifetime access to our mentoring program. I was able to quit my cushy job with pension and benefits to pursue my real estate career.” Remarks Melanie.

Melanie’s life was completely altered after a car accident that she and her husband were in. For her, this was a life changing moment where she was able to reevaluate her priorities and think about her greater goals in life. Many people, when they have experienced traumatic events such as this one, often reevaluate their choice much like Melanie did.

A careless transport driver swerving in between vehicles hit a vehicle who then hit us.  Our Suburban instantly crashed into the guard rail and we flipped four times across the three-lane highway.  We finally landed on the other side of the highway facing oncoming traffic and upside down.  Bloody, shaken up and in shock, we were able to crawl through the broken windows and get to safety until the medics arrived.  This traumatic and terrifying crash changed my life forever.” Recounts Melanie.

Thankfully, though critically hurt from this accident, Melanie and her husband recovered from the incident. When she was on leave, she realized that her current situation and job was not for her and wanted to change things. She decided that this was the perfect time to turn her life around and achieve her dream and begin her real estate career.

“I was off from my full-time job with a severe concussion which gave me plenty of time to reflect on my life, my dreams and how quickly all of it can be taken away.  I thought about my three precious kids and how in an instant, because of a selfish careless driver, they almost lost me or lost Dave.

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“As weeks went by and after numerous visits with specialists, the symptoms slowly started disappearing.  The reality of going back to work was approaching and the thought of spending one more day of my life doing something I did not love made me feel physically ill.  Although my plan was never to leave my job at this point, I quit my job at only 39 years old”, explains Melanie.

Mel’s real estate career picked up quickly. With the help of her husband, the pair has been one of Canada’s most successful real estate professionals. They have won numerous awards and been recognized throughout the country. In addition, the two have amassed a large online following that helps boost their in person status.

“My online presence is impressive, with over 40,000 followers. We have gotten an Academic Achievement Award, 2000, a Program Achievement Award, 2000, and a Board of Governors Award, 1999. We solely own $15,000,000+ in real estate, we also own an award winning Property Management company – Dupuis Properties, which has been rated numerous times Top 3 apartment to Rent and we have gotten 2019 Business of the Year Award”, exclaims Melanie.

Melanie has decided to give back to the community as well because she knows how crucial guidance and mentorship can be when people are starting their real estate business. She has become a bestselling author with her books on real estate and created a mentoring program. She also is a renowned speaker who gives life advice and insights on the real estate industry.

“With over 10 years’ experience in real estate investing, property ownership and management, I understand the ins and outs of building a business and of acquiring wealth through real estate. I am dedicated to helping others create their own financial, time and geographical freedoms. I’m a speaker and mentor throughout North America and have helped my mentees use creative and strategic financing to change their lives”, States Melanie.