September 9, 2020

Firm introduces solar-powered refrigerators to empower SMEs

Firm introduces solar-powered refrigerators to empower SMEs
File photo: A solar-powered refrigerator

By Nkiruka Nnorom

Koolboks Limited, a tech start-up, has unveiled solar-powered refrigeration system that is able to generate continuous cooling in the absence of power in its bid to empower small businesses and save consumers the disruptions caused by constant power outage.

The product, KoolHome Freezer, is fitted with ice battery that stores energy in ice and works for up to three days without power. The product, according to the company, is also fitted with three USB ports for charging devices and is 10Cm thick, which is twice the thickness of regular refrigerators.

Speaking at a virtual press conference ahead of the official unveiling in November this year, Ayoola Dominic, Co-Founder/CEO, KoolBoks, explained that KoolHome Freezers are suited for three purposes – domestic, commercial and healthcare purposes, saying that the product could be used for vaccine storage, especially in regions where is there is no availability of power.

He noted that the company also has KoolHome power plan for installation of solar power for customers that are not already connected to solar system. He said the company is currently running the pilot phase of the roll out in 15 market places across Nigeria and hopes to establish its presence in all the 36 states after the formal launch.
With the product, he said the company targets 290 and 2,000 direct and indirect job creations respectively in the next five years, while it plans to power about 2,000 homes by the end of 2021. “Koolhome is specifically made for extreme offgrid conditions. You are guaranteed of 24 hours refrigeration even in the absence of power. Koolhome is able to retain cooling for up to three days on days with limited sunlight.

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“Once you purchase a Koolhome Freezer, our engineer would help you set up your panel.    Our Engineers will make regular calls to customers to confirm pleasurable functionality of the product.

“For affordability, we integrated a pay-go system that allows customers to pay weekly, monthly or even daily. We are giving people opportunity to either earn or supplement their income given the COVID-19 pandemic.

According to him, the company plans to domesticate the product by setting up a local assembly plant in the country by second quarter 2022 (Q2’22).

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