September 19, 2020

Edo youths deserve better deal— Oboh

Edo youths deserve better deal— Oboh

Peter Oboh

Peter Oboh

By Jacob Ajom

As the people of Edo State go to the poll to elect a new governor this morning, a former British and Commonwealth Light heavyweight boxing champion, Peter Oboh has called on youths in the state to  know who they cast their votes for.

Speaking on the governorship election which his sister, Mabel Oboh is also a contestant, the former pugilist said much as he was praying for his sister’s success, the overall interest of Edo youths who had been taken for granted for too long, was uppermost on his mind.

“Youths in Edo can be among the best in the world if given appropriate support and empowered to achieve their potential,” the former WBA Intercontinental champion said.

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Recalling the good old days of old Bendel State’s dominance of the National Sports Festival, Oboh remarked: “We can still re-enact those glory days if the right people emulate the steps taken by our former leader, the great late Dr. Samuel Ogbemudia, who took our sports to the highest level.”

He warned the youths not to allow themselves to be used by politicians, only to be dumped after they would have achieved power.

“Carrying ballot boxes or reigning violence on political opponents only help in scuttling progress and killing the dream country we all aspire for,” he admonished.

He said that youths of Edo who are hugely talented were waiting for who to give them a platform to excel in sports and other endeavours.

“They are among the best you can find anywhere in the world given appropriate guidance and leadership training. In sports, Edo has a tradition of excellence. It is in us,” the former champion said.