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September 17, 2020

Aguddah breaks Covid-19 with ‘The Times’

Aguddah breaks Covid-19 with 'The Times'

Sylvester Agudah

Sylvester Agudah

By Japhet Alakam

To many, the Covid-19 forced lockdown with its attendant problem changed the face of their business, but at the same time there were people who capitalised on the lockdown to make a statement about their trade.

And one of such people is Ikeja based Nigerian collage Artist and Chief Executive Officer of Sylverscreen  Integrated Concepts Limited, Sylvester Agudah who last week organised his first solo exhibition of the year tagged The Times.

The Times which featured about 20 new works, which the artist produced during the lockdown, opened at Freedom Park Lagos on August 31 and ended on of September 6.

It was a real artistic moment for those who viewed it online and those that visited as they were able to see the artistic ingenuity of the self-trained artist.

For the artist who declared that he wanted his audience to enjoy artworks that will resonate their inner strength, bring a smile and keep them positive within this period, the exhibition lived to its bidding as the works really spoke for itself as his combination of colours and use of recyled materials made the difference.

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According to the curator, Ifeanyichukwu Oraemeka, “this exhibition is about works the artist was able to churn out during the lockdown; inspired by the calm in his psyche as he chose to dwell on the positives that God will calm the storms and Nature will eventually balance out despite the many sad happenings in the world.

“He was locked down but he remained productive.”

Speaking about the exhibition, Aguddah said: “For over a month during the lockdown I was emotionally drained as an artist, as my environment influences my mood

“I look for exciting African stories to tell, but this was not the best of times, as the whole world was going through a pandemic.

“After doing nothing for a month, God laid it in my heart to start making Art pieces with a positive theme and with vibrant colours. I made works with expression and embedded in the colours that speak energy.

“My works tell African stories and I try to always capture excitement. This I represent in my deep bright coloured collage medium. A style that’s not common with many artists.

“I really thank God for this gift and when people ask me I never say I am a self-taught artist but I am a GOD-taught Artist.

“Working with paper, cardboard, fabric and recycled materials, I bring ideas to life. I was able to produce about 20 new works and as the lockdown eased, I thought it was great sharing my works with the world.”

He further stated that he shared a few of his works online and it was seen and selected by Adebimpe Adebambo, a creative director, for a virtual Exhibition powered by Breath of Hope Africa Gallery.

“It was great participating in the virtual exhibition as all the exhibition halls and spaces were closed due to the COVID.

“And it was an amazing experience. After that, I was offered the opportunity to hold my first real solo exhibition this year, at Freedom Park Lagos, where I shared my collage works I did during the lockdown and I must say it was a successful exhibition.”

Harping on the heels of the success of the exhibition, the artist also disclosed that he will be holding another solo exhibition at The Metaphor Lagos from September 17  to 27, where he will share some of his mixed media and collage works.