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The Magu Probe: Another Arugungu Fishing Festival ?

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The presidency has issued a stern warning to the Presidential probe Panel against compromising their investigation, saying that ‘the Magu...

By Dr. Ugoji Egbujo


Oga Salami, may your days be long. Your lordship, you are highly revered, home and abroad. Oga, let me tell you what some people are saying now. They say this thing has become another  Arugungu fishing festival. I don’t know why they are saying it  but the come-today come-tomorrow has become, like they say,  too much.

Sir, you have confirmed integrity, unlike these politicians.  So its not good hone I hear people saying all manner of things. Can you imagine, one Uber driver shook his head and  said you should not allow them rubbish your name. He even said something about Jesus and Pilate. Let me explain.

You remember  when the Jews brought Jesus before  Pontius Pilate. Pilate gave them time to talk. But when he noticed they were beating about the bush , left the big issues and started talking about small things, he stopped them. He didn’t not allow them to waste his time   or rubbish his name. He brought out a basin of water and washed off his hand. I mean proper washing of hand not the type Tele Ikuru did in Rivers in 2015.

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Sir, I know I cant teach you your job. You are the oga of my oga. And the police tell me everyday  when I try to correct them that I cant teach them their job. But my people say if you cant give  king an advice because you revere him too much, then cover your head with a basket , shout it and run away. My head is covered sir. This thing has taken too long.

One of my friends has called it an inquisition. Another has called it an mbokasi. The problem is that the public confidence in the whole thing has waned. How can  the search for evidence against a man who was arrested with a truck load of policemen in the middle of a ravaging pandemic become a search  for needles in a haystack.

They had told us  he committed elephantine  criminal offences. The NTA body  without the fear of God and the constitution called him a chief re-looter. The government didn’t denounce the NTA. So we waited to see a deluge of filth and roguery. But we are now like those that waited for Godot.  Rather than be shown spectacular criminality it  appears they are now digging for crickets in flimsy misdemeanors. One newspaper said they are trying to see if they can use the Code of Conduct Bureau.  Imagine sir !

The other day Ozekhome came around. Ozekhome sir? When people heard that Ozekhome came to give evidence against the man they started laughing. I don’t know why they were laughing. I know it’s important to hear from everybody but who would have thought that this government would call on Ozekhome, who had rubbished the entire government at every opportunity and defended many accused of corruption to say anything about  the head of the government’s anti corruption agency.

Oga Salami, my people say if you poke the anus deep enough shit must be found, but that isn’t to say that no one is clean. I think you understand me sir.  I know you are a great jurist. If you are called to look  at a man who committed murder you will expect to see  a dead body.  But if  you get there and rather than bring out dead bodies , his tax certificate becomes the fascination of his accusers  you will know  his accusers are mischievous. I hope I am correct sir?

Let me not bore you sir. Nigerians have confidence in you  otherwise they would have lost interest in the whole thing. But they don’t want some journeymen and political jobbers to tarnish your reputation. I hope you get me sir.

Oga mii , may your days be long!

Ugoji Egbujo


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