Kashamu: Nigerians react to Obasanjo's condolence letter

By Rasheed Sobowale

Nigeria’s former president, Olusegun Obasanjo, in his condolence letter for Buruji Kashamu which he addressed to the Ogun State governor, Dapo Abiodun said although “Senator Esho Jinadu (Buruji Kashamu) in his lifetime used the manoeuvre of law and politics to escape from facing justice” but not the cold hand of death.

Kashamu during his lifetime was a critic of Obasanjo ever since the latter alleged in his book “My Watch” that the former was wanted for drug pushing in America.

In the condolence letter, Obasanjo who was writing from Agbe L’Oba House, Quarry Road, Ibara in Abeokuta, Ogun State, described the life and history of Kashamu as a journey that should offer lessons for “those of us on this side of the veil”.

“Senator Esho Jinadu (Buruji Kashamu) in his lifetime used the manoeuvre of law and politics to escape from facing justice on alleged criminal offence in Nigeria and outside Nigeria.

“But no legal, political, cultural, social or even medical manoeuvre could stop the cold hand of death when the Creator of all of us decides that the time is up.”

The comment has however attracted divided comments from Nigerians.

‘Obasanjo said the truth, nothing but the truth’

Some Nigerians were in full support of the former head of state’s comment. They commended him for being bold to say the truth without mincing words.

@youngdeacon17 “The truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth!. So help him God”.

Uwaifo George @GeorgeUwaifo “It was a sarcastic condolence message at best. He wanted to make a point about justice that must surely come as he sees it. Love him or hate him, he says it as he sees it.”

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Jide Olawoore “Truth is bitter, nobody enjoys it, but only the courageous can say it. What else could Baba would have said? Even when the senator was alive he was confronted with the truth, so do you expect baba to say nice things about Kashamu after his demise, if he does baba would have been a hypocrite, insincere and economic with the truth.”

Dr Olaolu Folorunsho @OlaFolorunsho “Just because Nigerians live majorly on deception, lies, deceit ànd self. We all feel one should not sày outrightly a man is a thief, we say he embezzled. If I am a thief let my children and public know am a thief. That was what Baba OBJ said. I support it.”

Desmond Efeturi Onotafe “Obj said the truth. Notorious people have taken over Nigeria political space, nothing good will come out of it.”

Ajewole Oladele Charles “Truth is always bitter. Baba OBJ is saying the obvious, others should simply know that nobody will be here forever.”

Taiye Ibrahim “Baba I salute Baba Obasanjo for telling the truth”

Amy Amaobi “I think since people have failed to fear God, it is high time we started telling how they were when they are dead, maybe others would learn. This may make them fear God so that people would not write bad things about them when they die.”

Anthony Iriogbe “Obasanjo’s comment, very appropriate and in order. Kashamu was not a person the youths of today should emulate. I hope Nigeria politicians has taken note of his life after death.”

‘Obasanjo’s atrocities multiples of Kashamu, should leave the dead alone’

Olugbotiwa Toluwase “The atrocities of obj is in multiples of Kashamu, he has no moral justification to mention this statement in his condolences. If it were to be just society, his likes, Babangida, Abdusalam and Jonathan should be in grave or life jail. Obj shouldn’t play saint. What’s his earnings in his entire life to have amassed the wealth in his possession. God is merciful otherwise he should be in chains.”

Jimoh Taofiq @JimohTaofiq “An average Nigerian knows that Buruji was a fugitive. Like almost every rich Nigerian, he made his money through crooked means. Apart from the fact that it’s bad to speak ill of the dead, all the Burujis of this world were products of our leaders mismanagement, Obasanjo inclusive.”

Lawrence Osaiyuwu “Why now he is death you now feel to speak ill of his Death. We live by God’s grace.”

Solomon Ayanlola “Very uncharitable of Obasanjo Is he now mocking the dead.”

Faruk Ibraheem @ibrahimusani1 “Mr OBJ has refused to respect the limit of politics, which is very unfortunate.

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Ibrahim Abdullahi “OBJ has destroyed the country more than ten (10) Nigeria Presidents put together. He should say what his mouth could weigh because sooner or later the same utterances could be said on him.”

Deleolusegun @Deleolusegun2 “Elders could have bad mind, but elders does not speak evil words. Buruku Kashamu’s death shouldn’t be misconstrue as deserve punishment, every mortal must die one day. Aw’aiye maku kan, o si!!!”

‘Obasanjo should write of copy of such for himself’

Chekwube Nwufo @ncheks2005 “I hope Obasanjo made a copy of that same condolence message for himself bcos, he will surely need it when he dies.”

Ekeinde Ikhide Mark @EkeindeMark “It is Epic. But He (Obasanjo) needs to address another copy of such letter to himself for when he is gone as well. Birds of Same feather they are.”

Sunday Joseph “Same thing will be said after him too”.

Ade Adeyemi “Why is he saying this now that the man is dead, something similar will be said bout him when he is no more also….what you sow, u gonna reap”.

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