Seilat Adebowale
Seilat Adebowale

By Ayo Onikoyi

Budding, beautiful Yoruba actress, Seilat Adebola Adebowale who made a great showing in Dayo Amusa’s blockbuster “Omoniyun” has revealed her own idea of what it takes for a woman to be sexy.

There have been different opinions on the issues of women and their sexiness. While some have been tamed, others have been outlandish and even bizarre but for Seilat, keeping it off the edge as much as possible without being way too far off the slide is what works for her.

“Keeping it real and simple, I mean not being dramatic and shocking is what works for me. Being sexy is dressing really well and the charisma that comes with the poise.

However, I believe everyone should do what makes them comfortable. I love to be simple, classy and chic, not revealing too much of the skin and shocking people. The confidence you exude when properly dressed and the attitude along with it is all it takes for me,” she said in a chat with Vanguard’s Showtime Bonus.

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She bought her way into the movie industry by producing her own film in 2013. After then she left to work a bit and came back fully in 2015. According to her, it was really difficult at the beginning but with her consistency she has finally stamped her feet on the landscape.

The films she has produced are Imoran , Aridunu Omo and Barrister Seilat. Those she has featured include;Ebi tani, Imoran, Maybe, Love and lies ,Omoniyun, Depression, Eebo bu , Gym house, Silence

Iro to jomi, Dear affy , Jackpot , Sixteen, Atupa, Odeere olounje, Odeere alagbo, Meje, Iran meta , Confession, Emuke , Just another fall guy , Too much , Ololufe , Lucifer , Aderoju , The tenant , Adams

Tenitika, You are me, Rollercoaster, 40, Inside life and Agbara ola.



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