Programming Africa’s golden youths generation
Onyi Nwike

By Onyi Goldman Nwike

We have a wealth of billion-dollar companies from the United States of America, United Kingdom, Russia and, now, even China. In the next decade, my prediction is that eyes will turn towards Africa to keenly await the birth of exciting new enterprises.

By 2030, Africa is predicted to be the home of 1.3 billion people aged 15 and 24. This would equate to a quarter of the youths in the whole world. If Africa wishes to capitalise on its majority young population, there are certain shifts which must take place now – an economic tilt to benefit Africa’s people.

I believe that if Africa can successfully teach – or what I like to call, ‘reprogramme’ – a new generation, we could see the levels of poverty that have plagued the continent for so long truly reduce, and sustainably.

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Multi-billion dollar companies are birthed through people. Occasionally, when we talk about the economy and job creation, we create an image of a mystery organism that has a magical ability to produce jobs, increase income and create a better lifestyle for millions of people. What we sometimes fail to realise is that these organisms themselves are products of people.

To truly fight poverty, Africa has to take the focus away from fighting poverty at the front line and rather approach the war from the source. We live in a world where wealth is measured by information. If we can infuse Africa with information where it matters most – with those who create opportunities for the economy— we will start to see Africa transform itself.

Another wave of chance is approaching; technology provides the opportunity to up-skill, or reprogramme a nation roughly every decade. We don’t need the best universities right now, but we do need to build frameworks that revamp our way of thinking. It takes heart, passion and finances to capture youths. We can’t expect human performance without investment.

Nwike is the Co-Founder/MD of UK-based Knightshield Services Ltd.


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