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Best diet for your pet dogs

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There is always talk about what you should feed your dog or what should not give them. Most times dog owners do not want to take the advice of veterinarians because they feel they are just trying to promote a particular food over another.

Sometimes it is always a worry for any first-time dog owner, you get various contrasting information about what to feed your dog or what not to feed your dog.

Most dog owners get food for their dogs based on brand names and do not bother to check the ingredients. Dogs are like humans, eating unhealthy foods may be cheap but if it not good, it is not meant to be an option, it can lead to several health problems, organ failure, make skin look unhealthy and general unthriftiness. Dogs if overfed with no or little exercise will become overweight, if they are poorly fed would become lethargic and unthrifty.

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That a dog eats something well also doesn’t mean that such food is good for them. they cannot tell if a food isn’t right for them, they would not complain if the food would give them stomach upset but would still eat it because they are hungry.

Feeding a dog should start from when such is given birth to. A puppy should be given exclusive access to the breast milk especially colostrum which is the first milk from the bitches after whelping. It is recommended that puppies should be fed solely on the breast milk and supplemented with baby milk or commercial formulated puppy milk for 3-4 weeks until the puppies start teething. Once their teeth is out, the pets should be introduced to semi-solid, or solid food. This is to gradually wean the puppies of the mother to prevent nipping of the puppies on the mammary gland.

It is also recommended to both breeder and prospective dog owners that puppies should be kept with their mother until they are at least 7-8 weeks. It is expected that at this age, they are old enough to be weaned from their mother.

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When getting a new pup, ensure to ask the breeder or seller what kind of food the pup has been on. It is recommended that the seller gives you some quantity of the food which the dog has been on so it gives you a chance to gradually change it if not accessible to your location or area. Switching from a dog food should only be because of accessibility and quality of food hence before you switch dog food, ensure that it contains the best nutrients needed for your dog’s age and breed. Do not change a dog’s food abruptly as it can upset the stomach. Do not switch between brands of a particular dog food abruptly too.

Puppy diet should have animal protein as main source of protein with the protein content of at least 28 per cent. puppies under the age of 6 months should be fed at least thrice. The ration is not about the quantity so you do not overfeed, you can get a daily ration and spread it across 3-4 times in the day, you can reduce this as the pet gets older so you do not overfeed.

You should not also feed your dogs remnant nor from the table. feeding a dog from the table can cause such to develop habits of begging and refusing the primary dog food which you offer.

it is very tempting to offer our furry friends some of our food when we are eating and also maybe irresistible to avoid the pity look, we eat a variety of food and some of them are not good for your dogs. Some human food may be good for your dogs but should be given as treat, not as the main dog food

Most of us cook our foods with onions these are toxic to dogs. In addition, chocolate, grapes and raisins are toxic to dogs and giving in high quantities can cause kidney problems. Bones can cause choking, constipation or obstruction for your dogs for you should never give your dogs bones.


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