Enough's enough, reopen all churches now — CAN

By Olayinka Latona

“I support the call for reopening of churches. The truth is that though the number of COVID-19 cases is increasing, it is not unexpected. If other services have been allowed to reopen, controlled religious meetings must also be allowed.” —Rev. Israel Kristilere

“We cannot continue to shutdown our churches while markets, banks, parks and malls are opened. Does it mean that if it takes years to continue to test and we continue to have increase in the cases, religious worship centres must continue to be lockdown?” —Rev. Fr. Anthony Godonu

“I support the call by CAN for states to reopen churches. This is dragging on for too long and it is not good for people of faith. If there is any institution that loves and preserves life, it is the churches.” —Kehinde Odebode, Teacher

“I think it is the right thing to do because our country needs prayer. If the churches are reopened, they can fight for us through their prayers. Moreover, other places that are more crowded than churches have been reopened.” —Bello Sofiat, Student

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“Churches should not be reopened for now because services can’t be conducted without the worshippers mingling with one another. Also, how will the worshippers receive Holy Communion without physical contacts?” —Wale Oyeleke, Trainee

“Both the goverment and CAN have jointly discussed reopening of churches since this pandemic began. CAN should explain to Nigerians why reopening of churches is more important than schools and relaxation centres. God is a spirit and can be called upon anywhere.” — Femi Egbetokun, Businessman

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