July 5, 2020

I would rather lead by example, than leading a protest – Sam Zuga, Archbishop Elect

I would rather lead by example, than leading a protest – Sam Zuga, Archbishop Elect

Dr. Bishop Sam Zuga, the newly elected Archbishop of House of Joy ministry, popularly known as Jehovah Field Marshall has given reasons he would rather continue leading Nigeria to the right path by living an exemplary life rather than leading protests.

The Archbishop who had in numerous ways empowered jobless Nigerian youths in-line with the actualizing of his vision 02-02-2020 agendas says he is more interested in touching lives of people around him.

“Give your driver and gateman the same food you are eating with your family and friends, they will not arrange with armed robbers to rob, kidnap you and share your money. Anytime your money increase, make your workers happy, either by taking them out to buy things for them or give them extra money apart from their salaries, they will always pray for you in their closet. Instead of leading protests, I will continue leading by examples, he stated.

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Penultimate week, Sam Zuga empowered jobless Nigerian youths by employing 5 youths from different council ward in Nigeria.

According to the Man Of God, their duties would be to coordinate the activities of Samzuga Foundation in their respective council Wards, to ensure that the endless benefits in Samzuga Foundation reach their respective communities.

It would also be recalled that on Saturday June 6, Bishop Samzuga who is the founder of House of Joy Ministry Worldwide successfully launched SamZuga TV, SamZuga Radio and SamZuga e- Commence, another avenue to empower thousands of Nigerian youths.