June 3, 2020

Why we are fumigating Lagos State — Samclare CEO

Why we are fumigating Lagos State — Decontamination Expert


Decontamination expert, Samclare has made known that beyond COVID-19, disinfection and decontamination will help to curb the spread of pandemic pathogens

According to Samclare, “Covid-19 being an enveloped virus, containing the viral genome is surrounded by a lipid membrane, and that offers a fairly flimsy defense against disinfectants.

“The spread of Covid-19 and other pandemic pathogens has spurred a surge in demand for disinfection and decontamination in other to keep our hands and surfaces clean.”

Decontamination experts made knows that disinfection can deactivate the spread of pathogens not just limited to Covid-19.

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Alcohol-based products will disrupt this lipid layer, and that stops the virus from being able to recognise and latch on to host cells. Alcohol solutions at concentrations of 70–80% have been shown to deactivate enveloped viruses with one minute exposure time.

As part of our Disinfection/Deco termination scope, practices, and procedures, a surface disinfectant should be prioritised to avoid the virus spreading at home.

“WHO and  Centers for Disease Control recommend frequently disinfecting high-touch surfaces, such as tables, doorknobs, light switches, phones, remote controls, keyboards, and desks.

But more than that, surface disinfection of high-risk public areas, such as in hospitals, care homes, churches, Estate gates, Estate bus stops, house gates, stores,  mosques, and the food service facilities is very important.