Why celebrities are jumping on Vskit — Sean Shu

The Vskit Nigeria Marketing Manager, Sean Shu, has said ease of use and sharing of materials on social media, especially as the COVID-19 pandemic rages, are some of the features that have endeared the video-sharing platform to celebrities.

In a statement, on Wednesday, Shu said more Nigerians are taking to other means to get themselves busy and keep up with both formal and informal daily activities to make ends meet, as the pandemic rages.

He pointed out that the average time spent on social media platforms have hit record highs, with users relying on Instagram, Vskit, Zoom, Twitter, Netflix, YouTube and others to stay busy and entertained while indoors.

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Shu added: “Revellers, entertainers and short video makers have taken to Vskit, which appears to be the emerging tailor-made app for Africans when it comes to skit making.

“Vskit offers several unique features, which has led to its adoption by millions of young Nigerians who love to create video skits, whether comic acts, singing, dancing or just goofing around.

“The app’s ease at sharing content on other social platforms like Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp have also kept users entangled to it as the world continues to battle the virus.

“The platform has seen an increasing number of celebrity entertainers signing up on Vskit to leverage the platform’s reach to increase their content views and grow their fan base.

“Artistes are taking advantage of the video-sharing app to promote new and old musical deliveries, while the comic acts are strategically pushing out content to the excitement of their followers.

“Comic acts and music artistes such as Mr. Macaroni, BRed, Taaooma, Iyanya, Small Doctor, Ikorodu Bois, are but a few of many popular names actively using and engaging their fans on Vskit,” Sean noted.

The statement mentioned a user, 23-year-old Olivia, to have said that “I have a lot of friends on Vskit and I get to catch up on what’s going on in their lives since we don’t get to see often.

“I also watch a lot of funny short videos from my favourite comedians and celebrities, and I share my fun side on the app too.”

Another unique thing for the fans, followers of celebrities and other regular users of the video-making and sharing app, Shu said, is the numerous challenges that come with mouthwatering rewards that constantly come up on the app.


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