[People Talk] Looted funds: Al-Mustapha’s attempt to exonerate Abacha (3)
Abacha’s former Chief Security Officer (COS), Major Hamza Al-Mustapha

By Olayinka Latona

“Albert Einstein said, ‘The world will not be destroyed by those who do evil, but by those who watch them without doing anything.’ Our seriousness in fighting corruption is undoubtedly questionable and that stems down to every parastatal.

“Dead corrupt people like Abacha ought to have their graves chained.” — Ojo Samuel, Educational Technologist.

“Whether Abacha kept the money for Nigeria or he looted it, the question is what have the funds been used for? There has been no significant impact of the recovered funds on the country.

“Instead, the government keeps borrowing. I think FG should explain how the monies recovered have been used.” — Adora Blessing, Entrepreneur

“Al-Mustapha statement is an insult to our collective brilliance and self awareness. Late Abacha not only put the funds in his name but also as deposits with no interest.

“Al-Mustapha can’t rewrite the history of what happened then because we know better. What he is trying to do is unfortunate.” — Epelle Hart, Electrical Engineer

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“This act shouldn’t come as a surprise when someone like Al-Mustapha is trying to defend his former boss cum dictator and in doing so, shifting the blame to others who are towing the same line of corrupt practices.

“We need to call a spade, a spade and make it clear that those who are looting the public wealth should be punished.”
— Ahmad  Aluko, Analyst

“It’s a two way things. There is no substantial evidence that Abacha stashed the country’s wealth for future purpose. Still, it is immodest for people who seized the avenue to loot the money.

“Abacha’s intent to keep the money is not known and that placed him at a disadvantage in this discourse.” — Yusuf Olaitan,

“In a right society, there is no justification for corruption and other related practices as in the case of Abacha and it sounds ridiculous that Al-Mustapha can come out and tell Nigerians that his late boss did not steal the money.

“What a ridiculous and laughable statement.” — Victor Kevwe, Fashion Designer

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