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June 17, 2020

People Talk: Assessment of democracy under Buhari’s administration (4)

President Buhari approves deployment of Permanent Secretaries

President Muhammadu Buhari

By Bose Adelaja & Olayinka Latona

“We are not practicing democracy in Nigeria because this is not how other democratic countries practice democracy.

“We are not enjoying the dividend of democracy; all that I can see presently under President Buhari’s administration is tribalism, lack of trust among others.” — Tomiwa Adediran, Secretary

“I think President Buhari has the mind to turn things around for good for the masses but unfortunately he is surrounded by sycophants.

“This is why we are still struggling with our democratic system. There is need to purge this administration and put people in place.”
—Akindele Olanrewaju, Cleric

“Personally I am not impressed by the way President Buhari’s administration has been running this government. Our rights to freedom and equality are daily tramped upon and there is poverty, hunger,  insecurity, high rate of unemployment in the country. Democracy is not working here.” — Marcus Kolawole, Businessman

“Democracy was lost in this country long time ago. We are not practicing democracy and it is very obvious. Look everywhere and you will see poverty, lawlessness, insecurity, hunger, and segregation.

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“This is worst under this present regime but all hands must be on deck to change things.” —Ronke Akinola, Salesgirl

“How can we talk about democracy when the poor is languishing in poverty and our leaders show little or no concern to their plights?

“Democracy is supposed to be government for the people and by the people but this is missing in this country. Unless we want to deceive ourselves, this government is not democratic.” —Abdulahi Ahmad, Teacher

“I strongly feel Nigeria is still one of the most corrupt nations in the world 20 years after independence, and I am sure most Nigerians will agree with me.

“:Nigerians have been left disappointed by dishonest and corrupt rulers and politicians since the inception our democracy.”  
— Salua Funmilayo, Filmmaker

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