People Talk: Assessment of democracy under Buhari’s administration (2)
President Muhammadu Buhari

By Bose Adelaja & Olayinka Latona

“The democratic values which majorly entail right of every citizen to make decisions, liberty, equality & justice has been ignored by this administration.

“The whole essence of democracy has been neglected. We yearn for a society where the rule of law is upheld without fear or favour.” — Oyewunmi Helen, Law student.

“President Buhari’s led administration has used the fight against corruption as a major lining to bring back democracy, but accountability and transparency in his governance is lacking.

“I believe things can get better if we all stop opposing and join hands to build our nation.” — Tunde Xmania, Artist

“The present administration has been lagging in upholding the core values of democracy. President Buhari’s administration need to do more for the masses.

“The citizens are getting furious. We need a democracy that works for both the poor and the rich.” — Gideon Olaiya, Analyst

“Adherence to democratic values under President Buhari’s administration can be rated fair but the integrity of the judiciary is questionable.

“In other to restore our democratic values, the judiciary must be seriously looked into so as to cease being secondary electoral empire.” — Oyedokun Ibukun, Entrepreneurial

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“We all accepted democracy as the best form of government, thinking it will be far better than military but unfortunately we have experienced unending unfulfilled promises.

“The democratic values ought to be enjoyed by every citizen is not significant as the system has failed to deliver its benefits.” —John Olusegun, Businessman 

“Most Nigerians most have lost faith in democracy as a political ideal system, there is violation of human rights and  not much check and balance as supposed of a democratic governance.

“However,  I think things can still get better if our leaders stop opposing one another and unite to build one Nation.” — Oluremi Sanusi, Secretary

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