Why are Africans poor?

Now here’s a question that demands an answer. Why is it that arguably the world’s richest continent – in terms of natural resources – has some of the world’s poorest people? Already I can sense you rolling your eyes deep into the back of your head. “the government, yes the government …”

We often seem to be a people who blame the government for everything happening in our continent but again, like I had always done, I will surprise you with a revelation from the Black Wall Street’s Economic War Show with Charles N Lambert that the government is not the reason why we are in Africa are poor.

All of Africa’s colonial masters left behind a way of life completely decimated, a people traumatised and taught in colonial schools to loathe everything about themselves: their skin, their languages, their dress. So because of this, African millennials spend most of their times and energy trying to change who they are, changing their looks with the money they have instead of investing.

Before I continue with that, it is also necessary to note that one of the major reasons African are poor is the too much focus on Labour when there are four factors of production and this makes it look like we are prepared to be slaves in Africa.

Almost every African family believes that the first thing to do is to go to school, get a certificate, get a job and start receiving salaries monthly which is labour! What happened to investing money in your own businesses, in corporations and even without a certificate this is possible.

Africans ignore factors like Land, entrepreneur and capital which is the most important one that grows wealth in other Western countries.

Now, let me also tell you that it is very necessary to understand where you are putting the money you have, this takes us to episode 5 of the Economic war show where Lambert talked about investment.

Lack of understanding and how to use money and invest in the right places is the cause of poverty in Africa because even when most people have this money, they don’t know how to use it to make more money.
Many will put the blame on Government but the bitter truth remains that Government is not the reason why Africans are poor.

Data shows that African millennials spend 65% of their money on personal care such as clothes, cars, hairs just to look good etc while millennials in Western countries spend 65% of their money on investment to prepare for the future.

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It is still possible for our millennials to spend money on looking good and still invest properly without waiting or blaming the government for lack of jobs and poverty in the continent.

The Black Wall Street is giving Africans opportunities on the Redirect Mall to invest, setting the foundation to secure the future.

These investment opportunities will save the continent from losing too much money from Capital flight because it grants Africans the opportunities to buy things within the continent and retain our money in Africa and the good thing about buying these products is that you win points to invest.

Investing in redirect mall is one of the best ever investments you will ever make which will also allow you to look good while you earn dollars daily, weekly and monthly.

The Redirect Mall is an online Mall dedicated to fighting the Economic War. It is a place where Africans can buy African products in bulk as this will help retain the movement of money within Africa.

The Redirect Mall is to make sure Africans have easy access to goods produced by manufacturing companies in the continent. With the redirect mall, Africans can trap the resources and invest in African corporations to create more jobs for the people, thereby bringing industrialization to our doorsteps.

The Black Wall Street has also provided a special platform called the “UPAP stock” for Africans to have access to 25 basic Human Need Apps floated on Black Wall Street which gives the holders of the stock lifetime monthly returns of $100 for being the very first people to participate in the investment by product purchase program of Black Wall Street.

UPAP stock is designed by Black Wall Street to help Africans recover from the coming effects of the economic downturn through the lockdown from the pandemic of Covid19. It pays the same $100 per month for product purchase but for 9 months only at which point the contract terminates.

BWS is the only stock exchange system in the world that is 100% risk-free because investments in companies are made only through points gained from regular consumer product purchases. The source of the points to invest in BWS can only be received through the authorized official partner.

You can also join the Economic War by buying made in Africa products available on redirectmall.com as well as follow the show on Mondays and Thursdays 3pm EAT on Facebook live and charleslambertcorridor.com

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