June 14, 2020

Kaj preaches against police brutality In New Single, ‘Olopa’

Kaj preaches against police brutality In New Single, ‘Olopa’

By Gabriel Olawale

Multi-talented Nigerian musician, Kaj, has released his highly anticipated new single titled ‘Olopa (Police Brutality)’ and its official visuals.

Recently, stories about police brutality have been making headlines in the local and international news media. To address this menace, Kaj dropped ‘Olopa’, calling for a change on how police carry out their operations.

Drawing motivation from the teenage girl who was shot dead by a trigger-happy police officer in Lagos, Nigeria and an unarmed black man murdered by a while police officer in Minneapolis, the United States and other brutalities by the police around the world, Kaj expressed his dissatisfaction to the press about the happenings.

“These incidents are heart-aching, police are meant to be protecting the masses irrespective of their colour, race and background, but when the police are killing those they are to protect, it simply means we are not all safe in their hands” Kaj said.

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The afrobeats musician lamented that the government needs to call the police unit into order now that the brutalities are on the news and getting massive attention around the globe. “The people needs to be protected by the police, the federal government must ensure that the police obey strict regulations of not intimidating the people and not maltreating them. It is only the government that can make this happen, if the Police Force needs a complete overhaul, this should be done,” he noted.

“The people need to feel safe whenever they see any force, whether or not in uniform. Most of us are scared of the police when we see them because we are not sure how things would turn out if we have to deal with them and this is causing us psychological torture,” he retorted, stating that “I strongly kick against police brutality.”

In his new single ‘Olopa’, shot in Baltimore, USA and Nigeria, directed by TCO Videos, Kaj showed different scenes to depict the viciousness of the police, while he clamoured for peace and harmony.