June 8, 2020

Challenges young entrepreneurs face – Richard Phillz, CEO 24Spring Option

Challenges young entrepreneurs face – Richard Phillz, CEO 24Spring Option

Establishing a business as a young entrepreneur is not always bed of roses and its no different from the experience of CEO of 24Spring Option, Richard Don Philip, better known as Richard Phillz.

Richard Phillz is currently self employed; running a business which deals in trading forex, binary and coaching.

“The major challenges I faced starting my business was actually getting experiences from different sources, but I am glad I finally overcame. We learn everyday.

Now that we have come this far, the challenges we are battling is keeping the team together and making them believe that we can always overcome.

In addition, the major price to my current success is hard work and I want to encourage all young ones out there; they should know that hard work, consistency is a major key to another level,” the 31-year-old businessman told Vanguard News during an interview.

Originally from Berlin, Germany, but relocated to the United States Of America (USA) Richard Phillz nods to the popular notion that his resident country boasts of good economy favourable to young business owners.

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“The major difference between business in Germany and USA is mainly the economy and mode of operations. They are so different and I must say that the American economy is more favorable to my kind of business. It has favoured me in my ways,” he squealed.

Having bagged an Associate degree in Harvard Business School, Richard Phillz clearly stated that for the love of his beautiful family, he stays motivated and eager to make more ground breaking success despite the COVID-19 pandemic.

“My main motivation is my beautiful family. I really can not let them down. My alternative to my business is mainly cryptocurrencies. It’s way too underrated and I have to explore all options. Despite the emergence of COVID-19, I have a lot of plans for the year 2020 and I would prefer to keep all that to myself till they are ready to be hatched,” he maintained.