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Note: While anti-slavery and anti-colonization movements were essentially anti-White people’s ‘get your knees off our necks’ movements, there was a need to unite along our common cultural origins and linkages. To do this we need research and to educate the massive public through public awareness campaigns on who we really are.

By Justice Prince Faloye

The concept of Conservatism rose in the 1800s at the end of slavery and switch of plantation slavery to the military industrial complex. There was a belief or justified fear that Whites had to make extra efforts to conserve global White supremacy and identity, by the freeing of slaves. Following the Haiti Revolution and the bulging Black populations, Europeans, Abraham Lincoln and Radical Republicans push to stop slavery for preservation of the White Race and evolution from plantation slavery to factory production.

The physical manifestation was the creation of a police force, while Queen Victoria and Benjamin Disraeli pushed sociopolitical movement of Conservatism. The British Conservative followed by the Republicans party, as well as Christian Democrat parties across Europe were created to safeguard global White supremacy and their Christian civilization.

I must say that I neither support the Lefties who from 1832 Emancipation Act showed that their support for Blacks was limited to freedom but not equity with Whites. We know what the Labor Party did in the Sixties in Africa and with Zimbabwe in 1997. Can the Black heartland, Africa’s largest population and market, ever forgive Obama’s anti-Africa foreign policies and regime changes in Nigeria, Ghana, Brazil and others through corruption propaganda? So, left or right wing, we are still talking of the same White supremacy bird. However Blacks on the left still have some ideological credibility to take on the racist capitalist system, but Black conservatives?

From when I first heard of Alan Keyes, to the brain surgeon Presidential candidate, and now Candace Owens, all dubiously intelligent Black people, I cannot understand what they are actually trying to conserve as Black Conservative spokesmen. I can’t understand how a Black British Conservatives can argue for Brexit and the stopping of immigrants to keep Britain White and English. Candace argued that they must conserve the demographic spread in favor of Whites by stopping immigration. This is the height of mental and cultural slavery.

The Black Conservatives are quick to tell their less fortunate bootless Blacks to pull up their bootstraps. They ignorantly propagate fallacy of Black on Black crime as if it is not within one’s race that 90% are likely to love, do business or relate with, that can lead to fiction and you kill. They used to scream about drugs in financially redlined Black hoods until Marijuana was legalized and became another big White business. They are supposed to be about family values but fail to recognize that 70% of Black marriages fail because of an underlying financial reason.

Basically, Black women get employed and paid better than equally educated Black man so the system doesn’t allow Black men to fulfill their natural responsibilities. Just like weed became big legit money, in time feminists pushing the social responsibility theory will rightly secure payment for those so called Welfare Queens reproducing Labour, the key ingredient in capitalism, as birthrates drop in the White world.

The issue of taking ideological positions in the Whiteman’s world is a tricky one. As a Black in Diaspora, I naturally have to be on the left that won my last set of freedoms, and not those seeking to make White great again kneeling on Black necks. However, back in Africa, I am a social conservative, a traditionalist conservative, but can’t strive to conserve the existing Abrahamic neo-colonization structure. The term Conservatives is not common in Africa but applies to the Eurocentric elite that uphold the colonial master’s religion, his business and mannerisms. Ironically, like their Diasporan counterparts, they believe we were great when the colonists were around and public utilities worked.

In addition to the highly qualified Eurocentric Black social conservatives, who are really Black White Supremacists, a new breed of useful idiots are appearing on the African political landscape posing to be African social conservatives whereby the African is myopic and tribalistic. They want to make their tribe great again in the foreign definitions. They fail to realize that global White conservatism is based on the entire White Christian civilization.

Unfortunately, their miseducation prevents them from fully understanding their tribal culture as part of the Original African civilization, which they have to conserve in its entirety and not Eurocentric tribal labels inspired since the advent of Europeans 500yrs ago. They are unaware that their tribe is just part of a continuum of dialects that spread from Nigeria to Gambia and South Africa called the Niger-Congo ethnolinguistic family, which accounts for nearly a billion people and 70% of the Nigerians population, and Black Africans as whole.

To be a true Black Social Conservative, you must define Black African, its culture and economics that you want to conserve. Some people, even Pan Africanists, make a mistake and count Black Africans as one without knowing there are two cultural spheres – Original Africans and Afroasians, who are products of different Asiatic cultural imperialism but well organized under Abrahamic dogma.

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Following decades of research and experience across the Americas, Europe and Africa that led to my writing The Blackworld: Evolution to Revolution, I was able put a finger on where actually the center of Afrocentrism, the cultural and genetic origins.

Thanks to genetic anthropology, we have ascertained that the true origin of humanity to be Nigeria, as opposed to the Miseducation of it being East Africa, to prevent true African unity evolving from the cultural beginning. Ironically, it wasn’t too hard to decipher since the two most populous and prosperous Original African groups, Yoruba and Igbo, were the oldest. Unfortunately, they were also the most problematic and the bane of the Black Race, by refusing to unite the Original African civilization of over 2000 groups to uplift the Black Race, to challenge global White supremacy.

Instead the Yoruba and Igbo, in conjunction with African Americans, became the greatest purveyors of White supremacy dogma through religion, academia, media and their divisiveness. Not knowing anything about their culture, apart from what they see portray by Abrahamists filmmakers, they are incapable of identifying their cultural traits even in neighboring tribes. Especially since the Yorubas and Igbos are quite big they fool themselves as standalone cultures that wandered from Jerusalem or Mecca. Fortunately, the civilizations that they are adopting and also trying to fight for true freedom are way bigger than them, that they can never win unless they unify their own Original African civilization.

Deciphering that the oldest group is Yoruba, recently backed by the Harvard Medical school, Simons Genome Diversity project, which put Yoruba dispersal with San Bushmen 87,000yrs ago, and from the dynamics of the genetic values, I was able to approach the cultural leadership, the paramount cultural monarchs, to come together to form a well articulated Original African cultural platform.

This was how ASHE Foundation, the cultural think-tank was born. While anti-slavery and anti-colonization movements were essentially anti-White people ‘get your knees off our necks’ movements, there was a need to unite along our common cultural origins and linkages. To do this we need research and to educate the massive public through public awareness campaigns on who we really are.

The divisiveness had been ingrained ever since Europeans took Ceuta Morroco in 1415, which made Sene-gambian Afroasians migrate towards the Black heartland of present day Nigeria, where coupled with European inspired slaves for arms race that led to the breakup of the African civilization into Pan-tribaliist Kingdoms and empires, in which everyone secured arms to protect only their closest cultural relatives.

Despite Yorubas divided between Oyo and Benin empires, Yoruba separatists masquerading as Yoruba Conservatives want to make Yoruba great again. Not only can they not free themselves from the colonists’ religions and way of life, they can’t think out of the box and the concepts of nationstates used to partition and colonize Africa. They think about creating a new nationstate, despite the fact that none of the 54 African nationstates are economically or political successful. All they are doing is to conserve the European concept of nationstates and its Berlin Conference division of Africa into political plantations called nationstates.

So, when Black people return from the Ivy league universities of Harvard and Oxford with their Master-borrow-me ideologies, some of us have to ask what are they trying to conserve, our masters influences or our true Black agenda.



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