June 8, 2020

Berger Paints assures stakeholders of improved performance

Berger Paints assures stakeholders of improved performance

…Unveils unique painting solution

By Peter Egwuatu

Berger Paints Nigeria, BPN Plc has assured its stakeholders of improved returns on their investment even as it faces the challenges of coronavirus, COVID -19 pandemic.

The Company also noted that the incidences of prolonged painting, dusty environment and imperfect painting will soon be over in Nigeria with the launch of its unique premium painting solution, Berger Swift Painting (BSP).

As an innovative and customer-focused company, Berger Paints has set up Berger Swift Painting to deliver quicker, neater and smoother painting in the most efficient and effective way with the use of mechanized and advanced tools.

Market watchers were quick to say that Berger Swift Painting, the first of its type in Nigeria, is expected to carve a niche for BPN’s service delivery and upscale the company’s competitive edge.  They also believe that the new service will enhance customers’ satisfaction and comfort.

Commenting on the breakthrough, BPN’s Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer, Mr Anjan Sircar explained that the new service was born out of the company’s ingenuity and constant quest for innovative products and services. Describing Berger Swift Painting as a revolution, Sircar noted that the company had always been on the forefront of trail brazing in products and service delivery.

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“ Berger Swift Painting is a new concept in the Nigerian Painting Industry. The concept is expected to revolutionize the Industry in Nigeria. Berger Paints Nigeria Plc is the first paint company to offer this novel service in Nigeria. The new service will completely change the process of painting in the country. It will ultimately make project execution quicker, neater and smoother. You don’t have to worry about paint spillage or dusts on the furniture, there is on-site support to help move and cover your furniture to ensure your space remain neat. Berger Swift Painters are well trained, well kitted and safety conscious.

“They follow all hygiene protocols to ensure safety of lives and properties. This is more apt at this period of Covid- 19 Pandemic. The painters will properly sanitize their hands and use appropriate nose masks”, said Sircar.

Apart from havoc posed by substandard products in the Nigerian Paint Industry, prolonged duration of painting, dusty environment while painting and poor finishing are other challenges faced by customers.

The introduction of Berger Swift Painting Service will solve all these militating challenges by delivering quicker, neater and smoother painting. The new service from BPN’s stable is expected to bring Nigeria at par with the Western World in the area of quality service delivery.