June 23, 2020

APC having breathing difficulties, one man kneeling on its neck ― Ajayi

Ondo govt, ZLP disagree on alleged plot to attack Ajayi in Akeredolu's hometown

By Dayo Johnson & David Royal

The incumbent Deputy Governor of Ondo State, Hon Agboola Ajayi, who recently resigned from the All Progressive Congress, APC, has disclosed that the reason he resigned from APC is that the party is having breathing difficulties because one man is kneeling on its neck.

Ajayi had defected to the opposition party on Sunday after months of irreconcilable differences with his boss, governor Rotimi Akeredolu.

The National Chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party, Prince Uche Secondus while welcoming Ajayi on Monday into the party assured the governorship aspirants in the October election in Ondo state that the party would not impose any candidate.

Secondus who led party leaders to receive Ajayi into the party also said the party has no favourite candidate.

Speaking at the ceremony, Ajayi said that the party should not accord him any special treatment and should not bend its constitution to favour him.

Ajayi also said he has not come to the party to alter any of the rules or ask for any favour but to join and participate in the growth of the party.

On his sojourn in APC, he said that ” For too long, I watched like a typical bystander within APC, Ondo State and the administration I am supposed to be part of.

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“Therefore my political sojourn in APC had to come to an end because the party has become a poisoned space, it is a house divided against itself and in Ondo State in particular, the party is having breathing difficulties because one man is kneeling on its neck.

“My return to the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) is a homecoming. I have only actually returned to a larger house, which I had helped to build and a place which is not under the chokehold of one man or a clique.

” Today, Monday, June 22, 2020, is an historic day because, with great pleasure and contemplative reaction, I officially return to People’s Democratic Party (PDP), the party where I began my political odyssey, where I am a foundation member and the only truly united and pan-Nigeria political party.

” I have always seen the political party system and positions, as privileged platforms to serve the people and not self, members of one’s family, clan or cronies. I am implacable in my resolve that political power is from God and belongs to the people.

“At the moment in Ondo State, democracy and wide participation by the people have given way to unsolicited and illegitimate outsourcing of power, familitocracy, nepotism, clannishness and primitive accumulation of illegal wealth under state cover.

“On this historic day, without equivocation, I wish to enjoin the people of Sunshine State to embrace the alternative to the present serfdom.

“That alternative is free participation and the availability of dividends of democracy, which the PDP represents and guarantees. PDP is ready to return power to the people of Ondo State with the fear of God”.

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